Most Shocking Times Below Deck Crew Members Got Fired

Hannah Ferrier
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Since its debut in 2013, firings on the Below Deck series have become commonplace. These firings usually hail from disagreements with department heads or fellow crew members. Other times, poor work ethics have been the cause. These firings are typically straightforward, but necessary.

Unlike other reality television series, the hired hands on Below Deck have actual jobs to fulfill. If done incorrectly, dire consequences can occur. As the ocean is a temperamental element, the deckhands specifically must take every precaution with water toys, bowlines, and equipment in order to avoid serious crew or guest injuries. This is why the Below Deck Captains must make these important changes in personnel.

A few times, however, these firings were surprising. Whether these one-way tickets home were given to long-standing crew members, or, someone who had crossed several lines, these changes in staff have left us with our jaws on the ground. Setting aside all of the easier terminations, here are all of the times when the firings on Below Deck were truly shocking.

Luke Jones and Laura Bileskaline


Trigger warning: This first instance contains two crew members, both of whom were fired for sexual assault. As this topic is personal and highly sensitive, especially for survivors of SA, I am choosing to put these two within the same section, so they can easily be scrolled past if needed. For those whom this topic harms, we stand with you, always.

To explain, this most recent firing occurred over the stretch of two back-to-back episodes this week on Below Deck Down Under. Following separate but similar sexual assault situations, both Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were immediately terminated.

Luke was fired first. His drunken advances were immediately shut down by Margot Sisson, who has since spoken out on the ordeal. Aesha Scott, a victim of SA assault herself, saw a look in Luke’s eyes that she did not trust. She then went to lay with Margot in an effort to keep her stew safe. Once Margot fell asleep, Aesha left, but when the boat lost power, Margot’s bed received another visitor; a naked Luke.

Adam Kodra also said no. On the second episode this week, Laura would not take Adam’s no’s to heart. She then crawled into his bed. Following Luke’s firing the next day, Laura went on to victim blame Margot.

When we say that we were screaming at our television…

On both of these instances, the production teams stepped in. Aesha (and the rest of the crew) comforted Margot and Adam alike, while Captain Jason Chambers sent both of these Below Deck predators packing. This firing was truly shocking, and a first for the series, as production rarely breaks the fourth wall.

Ryan McKeown

Ryan McKeown/Instagram

Chef Ryan McKeown was a hothead in the galley on Below Deck Down Under Season 1. The guests were not always happy with his meals, and when receiving any form of criticism, he was known to pop off. Ryan also began to address both Aesha and Captain Jason with disrespect.

Finally, Captain Jason had enough and fired Ryan. While packing, Ryan was overhead muttering, “Captain’s a f***ing vagina.” Making this firing all the more shocking, Ryan chose to flash his backside to the cameras and to his former boss while walking away from the yacht.

Kyle Dickard

Below Deck Sailing/Instagram

Over on Below Deck Adventure, deckhand Kyle Dickard was a shocking personality, both on and off the air. Onboard, Kyle’s cabin mate was Nathan Morley, and right off the bat, it appeared that Kyle had issues with this pairing. Not only did Kyle refuse to listen to Nathan’s guidance on yacht-related topics, but he also threatened his fellow crew member over a simple request to flush a toilet.

Once Nathan’s request of Kyle saw this threat of violence in response, Nathan went to Captain Kerry Titheradge for help. Captain Kerry fired Kyle, and Kyle went on to get arrested for storming a soccer field post filming. He’s an all over shocking personality, and we were thankful for his firing.

Lexi Wilson

Monsters and Critics Reality/Instagram

On Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, Second Stew Lexi Wilson was terminated after multiple arguments between her and the crew took place. While this happens, Lexi went one step further by threatening Chef Mathew Shea with physical violence. Lexi’s poor attitude and threats led to her demise.

Following an explosive fight with the chef, Lexi spewed that his parents “should’ve aborted you.” Captain Sandy Yawn finally stepped in and terminated Lexi, making this one of the most shocking firings on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Peter Hunziker

US Weekly/Instagram

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Peter Hunziker was fired AFTER he had already wrapped filming on Season 5. When a derogatory meme was discovered on Peter’s Instagram account, the network decided to cut ties, saying, “Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes.”

This Below Deck firing was truly shocking, as this was the first (and only) firing to occur post filming. Hats off to those editors.

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Long-time viewers of Below Deck likely knew that this feature would include Hannah Ferrier. Hannah was famously fired midway through Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, after Malia White reported her for having Valium on board.

During the August 2020 episode, Captain Sandy received a photo of Hannah’s medications from Malia, including a vape pen, and promptly terminated the longstanding chief stew. Hannah needed the Valium for her anxiety, but maritime law won out, and Hannah walked off of the Below Deck series during one of the most shocking firings on Below Deck.

“Quack quack, b***h.”