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Captain Sandy Yawn Says Firing Hannah Ferrier Was Not Personal And Hannah Is Still Angry With Her Following Her Exit From Below Deck Mediterranean

Here we are again.  The termination heard around the world happened over a year ago when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah Ferrier.  Many Below Deck Mediterranean fans got vicious with Sandy, to the point where she felt the need to explain her decision.  Sandy cited maritime law and insisted that Hannah needed only to have registered her medication within the proper channels.  Hannah believed that Sandy was looking for an excuse to get rid of her.

Supporters of the original chief stew did not accept Sandy’s explanation.  They still don’t.  And Hannah is certainly not over it, so why is Sandy bringing it up yet again?  Well, first of all, the Below Deck Med captain yet again finds herself embroiled in a firing drama.  Second Stew Lexi Wilson was recently let go for her appalling behavior, arguably not soon enough.  And this time around, the captain was quick to shift responsibility to Bravo producers and the yacht shareholders.

Say what you want about Sandy, but she takes her career seriously and will err on the side of caution when it comes to personal liability.  Her consistency in that matter was apparent in Hannah’s firing, and during a recent interview with Us Weekly, Sandy once again explained her decision to fire the Australian native.

“She’s still angry. It’s so hard because for me, it wasn’t personal. It’s about my career,” Sandy said, “when a crew member shows me something and three other crew members are copied on it, my hands are tied. Yeah. I can’t.”


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Sandy also cited a trust deficit in her personal relationship with Hannah, something that came up during a recent dispute with her protege, bosun Malia White.  She’s even got a “maritime lawyer on speed dial.”  Sandy explained, “also, when the trust level is broken for me as a captain, I’m not taking anybody to sea.  People [tried] to take my license over the years, really, because of things that happen [with the] crew.”

Meanwhile, Hannah is living in Sydney with her fiance and their daughter Ava.  During an interview in which she discussed founding Ocean International Training Academy, Hannah revealed a continued disdain for her former boss.  She even turned down an olive branch (i.e. a birthday gift) that Sandy offered.

Hannah explained, “She sent me a message when I announced my pregnancy and asked for an address to send something and I didn’t respond to it.  I sometimes feel with her … that she’s not honest with herself. Like she says, like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t personal,’ like,​​ the firing. I was like, ‘It’s kind of funny because Kat [Held] had prescription meds that Captain Lee had found out about and she didn’t get fired.’ There wasn’t a need to fire me for that. It was a hundred percent personal, but I guess whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Sandy responded, “Hannah, she’s got her dream. She’s living her dream. She wanted a baby.  Sometimes in my past, I have done things that I wasn’t aware of subconsciously because I wanted out. But my behavior was the way out because I didn’t know how to get out. I kind of feel, like, maybe that was some of her. But I wish her the best.”


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Well, it’s clear these two won’t make up any time soon, though Hannah would be open to discussing the conflict further.  She told Us Weekly, “I think sometimes people get confused because I’ve felt this way and thought this way for many, many years, but the only reason I can kind of talk about it now is because I know that I’ll never work with her again.”

Maybe the fact that Sandy is launching a motivational speaking tour has something to do with her bringing up Hannah yet again.  What kind of motivational speaker can’t resolve her own conflict?  So her nemesis is on the radar once again.  And while we can only hope that the 22-city event won’t include defending Hannah’s termination, Sandy will be speaking about her life before joining Below Deck Mediterranean.

“I want to use this platform to inspire others” Sandy concluded,  “thanks to Bravo, we have reached so many Americans. I didn’t seek the maritime industry. I fell into it. So many people now are aware of it. I wish Bravo was out and this show was out when I was a kid, because I think I would have discovered this a lot sooner and had a lot less pain in my life because I took a different path. And that’s really what it’s about and it’s also talking about music.”


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