90 Day Fiancé Stars Who Went From Fan Favorites To Loathed

Angela Deem
(Photo credit: TLC/YouTube)

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has seen plenty of villains. However, it may surprise viewers to know that many of them were once fan favorites. Cast members from the various spin-offs, including 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, have earned villain status, and have been heavily criticized by fans as a result. These controversial 90 Day Fiancé stars were adored by viewers at first. But they did not take long to turn their supporters against them.

Angela Deem


When Angela Deem first joined the franchise during Before The 90 Days Season 2, she was funny and likable. Viewers quickly grew fond of her. However, since her franchise debut, Angela has come to be loathed by fans. Some have even demanded that TLC fire her from the network.

Angela navigated her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi, whom she eventually married in Nigeria. At first, Angela seemed to really care about Michael, but she quickly became unreasonable. Angela expected Michael not to go on social media, although she was always allowed on it. Angela hit a new low during her most recent appearance on Happily Ever After? Season 7, when she attacked Michael outside his home after showing up unannounced.

After Michael forgave Angela, she continued to exhibit aggressive behavior toward him and demanded to go through his phone. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans have lost respect for Angela, as they find her behavior to be toxic and inexcusable. Angela also has a history of being rude to other cast members at the Tell Alls, which makes viewers dislike her even more.

Darcey Silva


When viewers first met Darcey Silva on Before The 90 Days Season 1, they wanted to root for her. Darcey was a single mom who was looking for love, but constantly seemed to find the wrong men. In recent years, however, Darcey has come to be more of an annoyance to fans, especially since the premiere of her spin-off, Darcey & Stacey, with her sister Stacey Silva.

At first, the idea of a show focused on Darcey and Stacey sounded fun, until viewers saw what it was. Darcey used the show to continue documenting her dating life, and for the first few seasons was in a relationship with Georgi Rusev. The two later split, and Darcey went on dates with several other men during Season 4, where she failed to find anything serious. Darcey’s repeated failures with men have begun to annoy viewers, who think she is too love crazy.

Darcey has also bothered fans with her excessive cosmetic surgeries. Many believe that she is spreading a negative message about self image to viewers. While Darcey used to be lighthearted and fun, the Connecticut native is now a completely different person.

Ella Johnson


Ella Johnson gained support during her time on Before The 90 Days Season 5, but quickly lost it after she made a big mistake. When fans met Ella, she was living on her own in Idaho waiting to meet her online boyfriend Johnny Chao in person. Despite Ella clearly wanting Johnny to come as soon as possible, he was hesitant to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viewers sympathized with Ella’s frustrations, and understood why she felt Johnny wasn’t taking their relationship seriously. However, Ella decided to deal with her anger in a way that upset many fans, and even turned them against her. Ella revealed to Johnny that she had cheated on him, with a friend of hers. Johnny was clearly upset, which caused most viewers to side with him on the matter.

During the Before The 90 Days Season 5 Tell All, Ella’s fellow cast members did not hold back on calling her out for her infidelity. It was evident that Ella regretted her decision, although that did not make all viewers forgive her.

Jasmine Pineda


After starring on Before The 90 Days Season 5, Jasmine Pineda quickly became a fan favorite after viewers watched her chaotic relationship with Gino Palazzolo. While Jasmine certainly had her flaws with her jealousy issues, fans overwhelmingly sided with Jasmine after it was revealed that Gino had sent nude photos of her to his ex.

Gino and Jasmine have now returned for Before The 90 Days Season 6, although some viewers have begun to lose respect for Jasmine since the season has been airing. Jasmine is giving off completely different vibes this season, and now appears to be using Gino for his money. Jasmine refused to sign a prenup, but later had the audacity to ask Gino if he has a will.

To make matters even worse, Jasmine decided to move into the same building as her ex, and have Gino pay her $3,000 per month rent. Jasmine is starting to come off as hypocritical, since she would never be ok with Gino being anywhere near his exes.