Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days
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All of the Red Flags in Gino & Jasmine’s Relationship

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda have had their ups and downs, but their relationship is nonetheless filled with red flags. The couple made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 5, where they became engaged after meeting for the first time in person. Gino and Jasmine have now returned to star on Before The 90 Days Season 6, and viewers will be able to learn even more about their rocky relationship.

Gino Sent His Ex Girlfriend Nude Photos of Jasmine

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Perhaps the biggest red flag in Gino and Jasmine’s relationship, is the fact that Gino previously sent his ex topless photos of Jasmine. During Before The 90 Days Season 5, Jasmine received a message request from Gino’s ex, while Gino was in Panama. Jasmine was infuriated to learn that Gino had been texting his ex while in Panama. However, this was far from the worst of his actions.

Gino’s ex revealed that he had sent her topless photos of Jasmine, and immediately sent proof of everything. Jasmine was in shock, as Gino had completely betrayed her trust by doing such a careless thing. When Jasmine confronted Gino, he confessed to sending the photos but argued that he was only trying to show off how hot Jasmine was. Jasmine was not happy with Gino’s response, but she eventually forgave him.

While Gino tries to portray himself as the good guy in the relationship, the reality is that he threw a major wrench into it by sending his ex nudes of Jasmine. It would have been understandable for Jasmine to want to leave Gino over this. But for some reason the Panamanian native decided to give him another chance.

Jasmine’s Extreme Jealousy

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While it’s normal to be a little jealous in relationships, Jasmine takes her jealousy to a whole new level—to the point where it becomes unhealthy. Jasmine’s jealousy became apparent early on, when she became angry with Gino for making small talk with a female restaurant worker. Gino assured viewers that Jasmine was just a little jealous, but this did not turn out to be the case.

When Gino arrived in Panama, he decided to take Jasmine on an official first date at a nice restaurant. Gino was satisfied with the service, and tipped the waitress for her attentiveness. However, Jasmine quickly became furious, and accused Gino of “having something with the waitress,” since he wanted to tip her. Gino tried to explain that he was used to tipping in America, but Jasmine was not willing to hear him out.

If Jasmine wants her relationship with Gino to work out, she is going to have to work on her jealousy issues. While Jasmine certainly has some reasons to not trust Gino, some of the issues she blows up over are just extreme.

Jasmine Decided to Move Into the Same Building as Her Ex-Boyfriend

Jasmine’s red flags did not end with Before The 90 Days Season 5, as she started off Season 6 on a problematic note as well. Jasmine explained that she had to move apartments often, as she did not want to invest in a long lease while waiting for her K-1 visa. When it came time for her to move yet again, she told Gino that she wanted to “live like a queen,” for what she expected to be her last month in Panama.

Jasmine later revealed that the building she decided to move into is also the residence of her most recent ex-boyfriend. Jasmine even met up with him to share the news, as she still considers him to be a good friend. The two joked about Gino’s upcoming visit to Panama, and Jasmine told her ex that he might even run into Gino in the halls.

This is somewhat controversial of Jasmine, because she would be furious if Gino moved into the same building as one of his exes. Furthermore, Jasmine was upset when Gino was texting an ex, so it is hypocritical for her to be such good friends with one of hers.

Jasmine’s Spending Habits

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Another red flag in Gino and Jasmine’s relationship is the way that Jasmine handles money, and expects Gino to cover some unnecessary expenses. Gino had concerns with Jasmine’s spending habits during Before The 90 Days Season 5, when Jasmine expected him to drop $500 on a spontaneous shopping spree. While Gino thought this might be a one time thing, that did not turn out to be the case.

Jasmine’s spending habits seem to have gotten even worse, as she expected Gino to pay $3,000 a month for a luxury apartment for her in Panama. Now that Jasmine is out of work, she relies on Gino for most of her financial needs. However, she can often be unreasonable. In the Season 6 premiere, she expected Gino to spend hundreds of dollars on hair extensions for her.

Gino has admitted that Jasmine’s financial habits have had a negative impact on their relationship, and claims that it has even affected their sexual relationship. If Gino and Jasmine want their relationship to last, the two may need to reevaluate their current financial plan.