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Lenny Hochstein Reveals Why He Wants To Withdraw Divorce Settlement From Lisa Hochstein

Good afternoon to everyone but Lenny Hochstein. This guy is a lot of drama wrapped up in a diminutive package, and he’s definitely having a moment. Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has been going through it with Lenny and it’s not over yet.

Soon he will be Katharina Mazepa’s problem, which will be great, but he has to end his marriage with Lisa first. Recently he created a stall by withdrawing his divorce settlement that was previously agreed upon. Now Lenny is telling anyone who cares why he pulled the plug. Us Weekly has the details.

No settlement for you!

A mere two months ago, Lenny and Lisa came to an agreement over their divorce settlement, now Len has voided it out.

He said, “Lisa came up with an agreement in June. I thought it would have been something that made her happy and allow her to move on. [Because] it’s far more generous than our premarital agreement stipulated.” Let’s take a moment and remember Lisa has an admitted spending habit and managed to delete a few zeros off Lenny’s bank balance.

But Lisa allegedly doubled down on the deal. “Lisa will never be happy. I tried my best. And instead of having gratitude she doubled down and called me nasty names and accused me of heinous things,” Lenny added.

Since the two broke up, Lenny went public with his side-piece and they’re now engaged. His future bride is about to enjoy what I’m sure will be a formidable career on OnlyFans. Obviously, Lisa wasn’t pleased her husband was trotting his special sauce around in public, but it didn’t matter much after they officially separated.

Additionally, Lisa accused Lenny of cutting her off financially. She walked around in Manolos saying she couldn’t buy diapers or food for their two kids. Also, it’s fairly certain getting a job never occurred to her. Thankfully, in April 2023 we were all relieved when a judge ordered Lenny to pay Lisa $8k a month to help out. It’s not much, but she should be able to get by. But now Lenny says Lisa is out of pocket and non-compliant.

The non-compliance of it all

“Up until now, Lisa hasn’t followed any of what she is supposed to do,” Lenny shared. “There are things I have to comply with and things she has to comply with and she hasn’t and I don’t think she has any intention of complying. She hasn’t done anything to comply.” Okay Lenny we get it, she’s not complying.

“She is not complying with any of it so why should I agree? If she is not holding up her end of the deal, why should I?” Without revealing what Lisa did, he continued, “I’m trying to have the entire agreement rescinded so we go back to having a judge rule on prenuptial agreement.”

Additionally, “I don’t believe she has intention to comply with any agreement. She has no respect for me or anybody. My preference is to go back to [the] agreement that is spelled out in the prenup and have the judge rule on it.”

Lenny and Lisa’s case remains ongoing.