Below Deck Mediterranean Star Joao Franco Is 3 Months Sober

The era of Jezabob is over.  Joao Franco’s drunken alter-ego that terrorized the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean will likely not be resurfacing anymore.  Though main squeeze at the time, Brooke Laughton, slept through each and every Jezabob tirade, oblivious to the self-destructive nature of her crush’s drinking habits, anyone that did witness it would call it a major problem.

Of course the day of Brooke and Joao are long over.  Now, Joao is happily engaged to Michelle Dicu and is the captain of his own ship, literally.  He has come a long way from his deckhand days on the show, but still felt the need to address his old habits. On February 29th, shortly before his 30th birthday, Joao announced he would give up drinking.

According to People, Joao is successfully three months into his sober journey.  “Not waking up a single day in almost 3 months with a hangover has been AWESOME,” he said.

You have to hand it to Joao, who unknowingly made this decision just before an international pandemic.  The stress and boredom of being in lockdown can’t be making sobriety easier.  Joao is also apart from Michelle right now as they were forced to socially distance in different locations.  Michelle is, “miles away,” explained Joao.


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But he and Michelle are keeping a virtual connection.  “We’ll get through it though!  I hope all those separated from their loved ones realize that it’s hard to be apart but it is temporary and would be harder to not have each other a all,” Joao explained, “we play backgammon and do yoga together online!  She kicks my a– at both!  (I let her).”

“I have been in near impossible situations where I thought I’d crack but nada,” Joao said.  So how did he keep his focus?  Fitness and dieting.  And according to Joao, “it’s harder than not drinking, I tell you!!!”


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Joao also set some financials goals with the money he would have spent on booze.  He said, “I decided to build a car with the amount I think I would have saved in not drinking as a test for something to keep my mind occupied.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]