Former Below Deck Crew Members We Never Want to See Again

Lara Flumiani
(Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo)

Over the past decade, the cast members on Bravo’s Below Deck series have come and gone. While a handful of these personalities have lasted for several seasons, the majority remain as one-hit wonders. Most of the time, these changes in the cast make sense. Other times, viewers are left missing a cast member that they truly loved watching.

The crew members who are not asked back fall into a few different categories. They either failed to draw in the majority of the audience, they were poor at their positions, or, in extreme circumstances, they were down right horrible people.

While we can list dozens of yachties that we’ve loathed, a handful stick out as the literal worst. On that note, these are the former Below Deck crew members that we never wish to see on our screens again.

Luke Jones and Laura Bileskaline

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Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were just fired on Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Both of these personalities failed to respect boundaries and the word no. This led to their firings.

Luke and Laura’s behaviors were hard to watch. For the safety of our readers who are victims of sexual assault, we will not go into further details. Thankfully, these horrific actions are currently opening needed doors for conversations on SA and the care of victims. That said, we NEVER want to see either of these faces again on Below Deck.

Ashley Marti

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Ashley Marti appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht during Season 3. During this season, she developed a crush on Gary King. WHY do so many women do this?! In addition, Ashley was constantly seen trying to undermine her coworkers in an attempt to gain a promotion within the interior department.

While these situations are typical, there was one particularly dark moment that also occurred. Following a drunken crew night out, Ashley crawled into bed with Gary. Gary was so wasted that he couldn’t formulate a coherent thought, while Ashley was only slightly inebriated. In a tiny bunk, Ashley had sex with Gary without his full ability to consent.

Following viewers backlash, Gary became vocal about how he was fine with the situation. That said, we still never wish to see Ashley on Below Deck again, though we doubt that she cares, as she’s currently making bank over on Only Fans.

Leon Walker


Chef Leon Walker HATED Kate Chastain during Below Deck’s Season 3. While this has been seen before from other wrong crew members, Leon’s dislike was…extra. Following an oven fire, Leon blamed Kate, claiming that a clean pan she had stored on one of the racks caused the flames. The real cause, however, was Leon’s inability to clean his workspace, and he had left the oven covered in grease.

Further trying to blame Kate for his actions that caused this fire, Leon lied to Captain Lee Rosbach, stating that Kate had been drinking when she was supposed to be heating a pizza for the guests. When this was questioned, Leon admitted to not actually seeing Kate drink, but he then doubled down, claiming that he saw her drinking on other nights.

Leon was fired for his actions, but Captain Lee gave him an opportunity to finish their current charter. Leon refused and walked off of the yacht. We hope to never see Leon and his love of beef cheeks walk back into any of the Below Deck galleys.

Lara Flumiani

Lara Flumiani, another former Below Deck crew member, was a second stew on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, though she quit just three episodes in. During her short-lived stint, Lara butted heads with almost everyone onboard. Frustrated with it all, Hannah Ferrier asked Captain Sandy Yawn to step in and help. However, Lara’s responses to Captain Sandy were given in the same snarky tone that she used with her coworkers, as she clearly gave zero f***s.

Things escalated and Lara became physical towards Hannah. She then left the boat in the middle of the night, only to return the next morning and quit. We hope that Lara never returns to Below Deck.

Ashton Pienaar

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Ashton Pienaar‘s foot became entangled in a rope during Season 6, pulling him overboard to his almost death. Returning for Season 7 as a mostly beloved character, Ashton was promoted to Bosun. This second go-round, however, would be his undoing.

In Season 7, a Brü Crew formed. This group of men created a toxic, misogynistic atmosphere for the women onboard. Ashton’s drunken alter ego, “Smashton,” went after Kate during a van ride. Here, he almost punched through a window while raging.

As a destructive head of a poisonous group of men, Ashton failed to create a safe environment for the women onboard. Even though Ashton has since apologized, he still needs to remain off of the Below Deck series indefinitely.

Mila Kolomeitseva


Chef Mila Kolomeitseva debuted on Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 4. Holding a Le Cordon Bleu-trained resume, everyone held high expectations for her skills. That said, it soon became clear that Mila had zero clues on what to do in the galley. With canned nachos and a steak-licking spot check seen, Mila was one of the worst Below Deck chefs in the franchise.

There is still a reason that Mila made this list, but it isn’t her lack of skills. It’s her lack of being a good human. During a night out, Mila began to question the sexual preferences of her male coworkers.

Mila then began a rant that makes us loathe her very essence, saying, “In your home, you can do whatever you want. I don’t want my son to be growing up and seeing two men kissing each other and thinking this is normal because this is not f**king normal. I love Putin and I am f**king proud of Putin, yes, and I’m very proud of him that he doesn’t let the gay parades happen in our country.”

Hey Mila, never, ever, EVER return to Below Deck.