Kody Brown
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Pros and Cons of Kody Sticking to Polygamy

Kody Brown is probably kicking himself for letting his marriages and personal life get so out of hand. For the last few seasons of Sister Wives, viewers have watched the polygamous family implode from within. And while it has been enjoyable to see just how dramatically the patriarch reacted, it is fair to assume that Kody is now weighing out all his options when it comes to continuing to follow his Mormon practices

Season 18 is finally here, and fans have their popcorn at the ready. At this point in time, hardly anyone feels sorry for Kody or how his life has turned out. But maybe he should have made a ven diagram before entering into four marriages he couldn’t possibly handle. 

Pros for Kody Staying in a Plural Marriage

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Way before the premiere of Sister Wives in 2010, Kody felt the calling to live a plural lifestyle. For decades, the father of 18 has advocated for the right to follow a polygamous lifestyle, often telling haters that “love should be multiplied, not divided.” After losing Christine Brown to divorce in 2021, Kody, for a moment, seemed to really want to hold on tightly to his remaining marriages.

What Kody was actually doing was trying to save face. If the TLC star chose to stay in his plural marriages, he would save himself not only multiple headaches but a lot of embarrassment. Kody should have taken time to cultivate a better relationship between Janelle Brown and Meri Brown so they, too, wouldn’t have walked away. By doing this, Kody could have saved himself from a lot of the trouble that he is dealing with now, and a bit less backlash from the public. 

If Kody chooses to continue to live a polygamous lifestyle, he will be able to get into Mormon heaven. The religious sect that the Browns belong to,  Apostolic United Brethren, believes that plural marriage is the gateway to paradise. They also consider any marriage, legal or spiritual, a commitment made for eternity.

As Robyn Brown once explained, the polygamous Mormons believe that each wife will have their own planet in space with their husband. Church leaders taught that it was a requirement for exaltation. If Kody does decide to stick it out with multiple marriages, he will be welcomed into the celestial kingdom. 

This should go without saying, but if Kody does choose to stay with his polygamous lifestyle, he will have more wives. It looks like Kody may have been doing the husband/married life all wrong. Other polygamous families who have been shown as ‘friends of’ the Browns show the husband smiling and being taken care of by his multiple spouses. If Kody tried again, maybe he could get it right and actually enjoy the benefits of plural marriage. 

Cons for Kody Continuing a Polygamous Lifestyle

Kody Brown, joined by three of his four wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine
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Without a doubt, Kody and the rest of Sister Wives viewers are questioning his life’s choices. One strike against Kody’s choice to continue living a polygamous lifestyle is that he looks like a major hypocrite. The husband of one has often shared his disbelief with how his life turned out recently, revealing in a confessional that he has his doubts. The patriarch noted, “When you really start getting honest, you start looking up to the heavens and going, ‘Geez, Father.'”

The TLC star continued, saying, “You inspired me to do this. Why is it such a mess now? It has set me on my heels and made me question the lifestyle itself. It’s a challenge.” It doesn’t help that Kody has lost control over time, which has included him starting to yell and throw tantrums. The once strong man has been knocked down by the wants and needs of his former wives. 

The worst outcome for Kody, if he chooses to quit his plural lifestyle, is the simple fact that he would then be living only with Robyn Brown. For years, the evil fourth wife has been sinking her claws into Kody and slowly pushing away his first three wives. Right about now, Kody should be experiencing firsthand just how diabolical Robyn can be. Kody never wanted a monogamous lifestyle, but like a fly to honey, he has found himself trapped with no escape.