Why Kody Brown Would Be Wise To Reconcile With Janelle Brown

Kody Brown

Even though Janelle Brown has been living her single life for months now, Kody Brown is hoping he may be able to reconcile with his second wife in the upcoming season of Sister Wives. For years, Janelle has been the voice of reason within the family. She always kept a cool head about her, especially when Kody would have his grand ideas. Now that he is down to one legal wife, Kody is scrambling to find forgiveness. However, it doesn’t look like his plan will pan out. 

Kody is a real piece of work, with viewers finding it hard to feel bad for the Wyoming native. The premiere of Season 18 showed Kody still very much upset over the loss of his marriage to Christine Brown, noting he wanted to “hate” her. Janelle has begun to confide in Christine, revealing she no longer wants to be married to Kody. And who can blame her? Besides Kody’s tantrums, he isn’t much to pine for, thanks to his grumpy manner.

Kody Believes in Second Chances

Kody Brown
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The father of 18 recently told People that he would be “very interested in reconciling” with Janelle even though they have been separated since December 2022. Viewers are confused about why Kody may have hope, especially since he treated Janelle so poorly.

Still, the patriarch revealed, “I’m still looking for reconciliation with Janelle. I won’t say she’s been wishy-washy about the departure, but I keep thinking, ‘This isn’t a reason for us to break up. We can work through this. We can find trust again and negotiate an agreement on that trust if we’ll just work on it.'”

Janelle Is a Catch

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Frankly, Janelle is a catch, and it feels as if Kody is very aware he lost a good partner. Janelle was one of the wives who constantly had a job and could bring an income to the family. As an accountant and realtor, Janelle had excellent interpersonal skills, which allow her to get along with all personalities. The mother of six was also extremely patient, especially during the last few years when her needs were pushed to the side. 

Janelle never asked for much. Fans often watched her take a back seat to Meri Brown, Christine, and Robyn Brown, who were a bit more high-maintenance. Janelle also loves adventure, which she proved when she bought a luxury RV to live in. Kody could and should have learned a lot from his wife but instead took her for granted. 

Kody Regrets Losing Janelle

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Kody has yet to look for another wife to add to his plural family and is said to be concentrating on winning Janelle back. It makes sense that he should try and make the marriages between Robyn and Janelle work before ever adding a new wife to the clan.

For his part, Kody shared with readers, “Any effort I would ever think in that direction would need to be put into my relationship with Janelle and certainly my relationship with Robyn to maintain that relationship as well.”

It May Be Too Late

Janelle Brown/Instagram

While Kody is filled with a new sense of hope, it may still be too late to save his failed marriage to Janelle. The mother of six told the outlet that she doesn’t “have any regrets” about the separation.

And why would she? Janelle is now free to make her own decisions, ones that best suit her needs. She isn’t being yelled at or bossed around by the patriarch and genuinely seems much happier within herself. Janelle went on to say the “experience is what gave us the life that we have now. We’re all settling into the new path. There’s only possibilities in front of us.”

Sister Wives viewers hope Janelle sticks to her guns and stays far away from Kody, who is nothing but a drain on her resources. The new season is set to show the couple arguing, and Kody once again losing his cool. Kody can try all he wants, but Janelle seems unlikely to come crawling back to live out her days on Coyote Pass with him and Robyn.