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Paige DeSorbo Gives Controversial Response to Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Split

Summer House has experienced a bump in the road, as two of the stars have ended their engagement. While it’s not fun for Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard in Season 8, their drama almost certainly will green-light a Season 9.

Paige DeSorbo has kind of side-eyed Carl and Lindsay’s relationship and lavish wedding preparations. During the Season 7 reunion, Paige offered some insight at the time that many felt was harsh. Now, after the surprise (is it really a surprise?) demise of F-boy and Hubbhouse’s relationship, it turns out Paige might have been onto something.

Paige the oracle?

Courtesty @queensofbravo

The internet has been alive with the memes of a breakup, particularly Carl and Lindsay’s. A lot of folks think this might be a stunt queen move for ratings, but others have seen the writing on the wall for a minute. That said, while Lindsay might not necessarily have a current job in PR, that was her wheelhouse and she knows how to get attention.

While we haven’t heard from many Summer House cast members regarding the end of Love as we know it, Paige did comment on a meme over the weekend. Queens of Bravo shared the post on Instagram. @therealhousematesofnewyork posted Dude With a Sign (Seth Jacob Phillips) holding a sign reading, “Paige was right at the reunion.”

The text read, “She didn’t believe the engagement was authentic and well … here we are with a broken engagement.” And when you’re right, you’re right, so Paige replied, “Thanks.”

Courtesy of @therealhousematesofnewyork

We mustn’t forget that Paige also clocked Lindsay’s gift of strategic moves. During the reunion, Paige also said, “I think they’re pretty fake sometimes. Everything they do is premeditated and like, planned. I think they just lie and they spin everything.”

Some people weren’t happy about Paige’s response

Some of the Instagram users weren’t too pleased with Paige’s hot take. One user wrote, “Even if they’re not friends this is just nasty & mean, gloating about another woman’s pain is trash.” This person must have forgotten how Lindsay treated Ciara Miller during the Austen Kroll era. Another person added Paige’s comment was “unnecessary.”

Despite the criticism, Paige was spot on. Stay tuned because the Summer House drama isn’t over yet.