Leva Bonaparte, Southern Charm
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Leva Bonaparte Slams ‘Boring’ Shade From Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Season 9 is fast approaching, and that means everyone is talking about it. Including some people who really ought to just keep their mouths shut.

Thomas Ravenel has been known for keeping a low profile ever since his exit from Southern Charm. So, it was strange to see him popping up on Twitter and attacking Leva Bonaparte for seemingly no reason.

And while Leva might be worth scrutinizing in certain aspects, at least she can say she’s still on TV. Plus a spinoff to boot. So, it was only a matter of time before she fired back against Thomas’ attack.

Leva claps back at Thomas on Instagram

Thomas’ tweet shading Leva was deleted, but his words were cataloged on Page Six’s IG. He wrote, “Just watched the latest update on Southern Charm and can’t believe the most boring person on there is still Leva.” Guerdy Abraira commented on the post, voicing her support for Leva. She wrote, “…yet very successful- I’ll take that ✔️ love you [Leva].”

Leva replied to Guerdy’s comment writing, “lol when 60 something year old men keep going after women it’s odd….isn’t it? No point in listing what made him great TV, that would be a little much, love that he still tunes in. Wish you and the kids well Thomas. God Speed.” This reply appears to have since been deleted but was still cataloged.

Leva appeared to replace the reply with a simple, “love you boo! ?” to Guerdy. Commenters on Page Six’s post were rather divided. While most agreed that Thomas’ opinion did not matter, plenty still agreed that Leva was indeed an uninteresting addition to the Southern Charm cast. But Guerdy’s right; at least Leva’s still a success.

Southern Charm Season 9 premieres Thursday, September 14, at 9/8c on Bravo.