Why Kody Brown’s Relationship With Mykelti Is on the Rocks

Kody Brown Sister Wives
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Kody Brown should be thanking his lucky stars that one of his older children, Mykelti Brown, is still on speaking terms with him. Instead, he is rocking the boat thanks to a recent Sister Wives episode that showed him bending the rules for his children with Robyn Brown. For the last two years, Kody has been pushing his children farther and farther away. Most have chosen to disengage from him and finally admit that he was always a distant father. 

Kody has been fighting an uphill battle to convince his family and viewers that he is a stand-up guy. Sadly, all anyone sees is a walking mid-life crisis, which includes receding curly locks and man-sized tantrums. Even though most can’t tolerate Kody’s lousy behavior, Mykelti was trying to look past her father’s many faults. But instead of being rewarded for her loyalty, she too has been stabbed in the back. 

How Did Kody Upset Mykelti?

Mykelti Brown/Instagram

A recent Sister Wives episode showed Kody doting on his eldest daughter, Aurora, who he shares with Robyn. TLC viewers watched as the 54-year-old patriarch took his 21-year-old daughter to get her ears pierced. The scene was a bit cringe, but it also showed the hypocrisy of Kody yet again. Mykelti took to her Patreon, via Without A Crystal Ball, airing her frustrations regarding Kody’s behavior. 

Kody had a long-standing rule for all his daughters, proclaiming that none could get their ears pierced while they lived under the polygamist’s roof. So, Mykelti was understandably upset when she saw that Kody ignored his own rules with Aurora.

Kody Was Rude to the Sister Wives Women

Mykelti Brown/Instagram

While venting her anger with Kody, she didn’t hold back as she shared how disrespectful her father had been over the years to the women of her family. It turns out Kody has been making rude comments for years about women who had their ears pierced. Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn shared that when they married the family, their husband had made it clear he was not a fan of ear jewelry or holes. Mykelti told listeners that she and her sisters were depressed that they had a “different dad” growing up. 

It didn’t help Mykelti’s feelings when she saw that Kody had accompanied Aurora to the jeweler. According to the mother of three, Kody just never made an effort to have a close relationship with her. It seems as if Robyn is the driving force behind the intense relationships with their shared children. 

What’s the Big Deal With Mormon Ear Piercing?

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The Sister Wives storyline felt forced, with Kody probably wanting to try to have a wholesome storyline in hopes of changing focus from his three divorces.

It turns out getting your ears pierced is sort of a big deal in the Mormon culture, according to the father of 18. Mormons only believe in piercing for medical reasons. However, as the segment came to an end, Kody let slip that he had his own ear pierced in high school! The audacity of the patriarch trying to shame his daughters didn’t go amiss. 

Kody Is Losing an Ally

Mykelti Brown/Instagram

Since Robyn joined the Brown family, Mykelti has always been one of the most welcoming and open-armed. Sister Wives fans will recall that when Mykelti became engaged to Tony Padron, Kody’s fourth wife was one of the only family members to support the union.

Even recently, after Christine left Kody and noted she had no desire to continue to speak with Robyn, Mykelti kept the lines of communication open. Kody and Robyn were spotted at Gwen Brown‘s wedding hanging out with Mykelti and her children, while most of the other Browns ignored them.

However, with the recent episode, Kody may have lost his one and only ally within the Brown family. It has become painfully obvious that Kody only has eyes for his family unit with Robyn. Now that Mykelti is speaking out against Kody, no one is left to pretend he is a great guy.