Why Sister Wives Fans Think Christine Brown and David Woolley Are Already Married

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Christine Brown cut off 220 pounds of dead weight that is Kody Brown back in November 2021. She announced that she would be leaving the plural family for the greener pastures of Utah. The Sister Wives star tried to navigate a tumultuous relationship with the patriarch but eventually chose to hitch up her wagon and leave. Soon after, she found the love of her life, David Woolley, and hasn’t looked back. 

The last two seasons of Sister Wives have shown the fallout from Christine’s choices. Kody and Robyn Brown have tried their best to act like the victims. Lamenting over plans of porch sitting when they were older with their fellow sister wives. Their sob story is hard to swallow, especially because Kody has been an egotistical prick for years. Christine made the right choice to leave, but did she fall in love too quickly? 

Christine started dating David in December 2022, with the couple officially proclaiming their love on Valentine’s Day. David, who works as a contractor in Utah, seemed to really fall for Christine. Both often mocked Kody by sharing photos of nachos and David embarrassing Truley Brown as a daughter. Christine has finally found her knight in shining armor and said goodbye to the loser in aluminum. 

Are David and Christine Already Married?

Christine Brown/Instagram

Kody’s ex announced her engagement in April. Since then, the rumor mills have been working overtime about her new relationship. Some Sister Wives viewers thought they spotted a significant clue in one of Christine’s home videos. During an August 14th Instagram video, Christine was proudly pushing her Plexus pink drink. Eagle-eyed followers noticed the mother of six had a wedding band on her finger next to her engagement ring. 

Christine’s pear-shaped 2.5-carat engagement ring was made up of three intertwined bands. Like a puzzle, it most likely represented the past, present, and future. To most fans, it seems more likely Christine will have a huge blowout wedding filmed for the show instead of secretly eloping.

David has yet to appear in any of the new TLC episodes, but the network did tease that he had agreed to film beside Christine. Until now, Kody has yet to meet the man who took his place, but fans are hopeful production caught their first interaction. But it is safe to say Kody won’t be officiating this Brown’s wedding.  

Christine Will Change Her Name

Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine will tie the knot with David on October 7, 2023, and even has her wedding registry uploaded. The couple has registered at Target and Costco, asking for things like outdoor patio furniture and a honeymoon fund that guests can contribute to. Christine had hinted at having her wedding in July before her children returned to school, but her daughter, Gwen Brown, had already planned her wedding for the same month. So, it made sense for Christine not to want to outshine her daughter. 

There has been no mention of whether or not Kody was sent an invitation, but it would be awkward if he did attend the ceremony. Season 18 shows how upset he still is with his ex-wife; noting he “hates” her and doesn’t want to talk to her ever again. Christine has yet to leak the guest list, but it can be assumed Janelle Brown and her children have RSVP’d, as well as her children and Meri Brown‘s child, Leon Brown. However, after clarifying that she didn’t want a relationship with Meri, we would be surprised if Kody’s first wife showed up. 

Christine also low-blowed Kody, divulging she would immediately change her last name to Woolley. While partaking in Instagram Live to talk about all things wedding, the mother of six shared that she was six weeks away from walking down the aisle. Season 18 won’t show the event, but it could mean that Sister Wives will have to be greenlit for Season 19 in order for fans to watch Christine transform into a beautiful bride and become a Woolley, leaving her life of polygamy behind.