Former Below Deck Crew Members We’d Love to See Again

Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran Below Deck
(Karolina Wojtasik/Getty Images)

Over the past decade, the Below Deck franchise has welcomed over a hundred different yachties onboard. However, many of these hired hands have since left the series. While some of these absences have us relieved, others have been a massive bummer. To explain, these former personalities were actually great at their jobs, while also being fun to watch.

Whether they were wrongly fired, not asked back for unknown reasons, or, they left the series on their own accord, their absences are felt. If Bravo were to ask us, these are the former Below Deck crew members that we’d recommend they immediately rehire.

Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee Rosbach/Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach led from the wheelhouse during Below Deck’s inaugural season. He remained with the series until Season 10, but as the network decided to go in a different direction, he will not be on board for Season 11. His series has not even aired yet with his rumored replacement, Captain Kerry Titheradge, but yet, we already miss Captain Lee’s presence.

Captain Lee’s humor and one-liners were often salty, but he always ran an efficient ship. Throughout his tenure, Captain Lee officiated weddings, smoothly brushed off flirtatious guests, and cracked jokes over messy onboard antics. Baring it all, he even shared his grief, opening up about his son’s opioid addiction and subsequent passing. We know that he has just left the series, but yet, we’d already love to see Captain Lee back on Below Deck.

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran

Hindrigo Lorran (KiKo)/Instagram

Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 5. Unlike the other Chefs seen in this series, Kiko’s heart was pure, and his intentions were always good. As an example, Kiko skipped a night off with his fellow Below Deck crew members, as he wanted to prep for an upcoming, stressful charter. He needed this night off, but more importantly, Kiko wanted to do his very best.

Kiko’s efforts and heart made his untimely firing by Captain Sandy Yawn all the more heartbreaking to watch. Following a few dishes that were not up to her standards, Captain Sandy let Kiko go midway through the season. This firing angered so many that #justiceforkiko began to trend online after this episode aired. Keeping to his kind nature, Kiko took to his socials, asking everyone not to feel anger, placing the blame on himself for his early departure.

We want Kiko back on Below Deck, working underneath a different Captain.

Ileisha Dell

Ileisha Josephine Dell/Instagram

Chef Ileisha Dell was seen on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4. Just like Chef Kiko above, Ileisha made friends with everyone onboard and did her job well, sans any tantrums in the galley. Ileisha poured her heart into her craft, and every plate that she sent out was highly praised by the charter guests. From acing 10-course meals to her colorful Pride-themed dinner with seven courses, Ileisha nailed everything that she touched.

Best of all, Ileisha did all of this while cooking in one of the smallest Below Deck galleys found in this franchise, in addition to working on a sailboat that occasionally tipped. So many of the other chefs previously seen could never do these things without losing their cool, and this is why we need Ileisha back on Below Deck, stat.

Nathan Morley

Nathan Morley/Instagram

Deckhand Nathan Morley was hired for Below Deck Adventure Season 1. Despite being treated horribly by a quickly-fired crew member, and receiving an injury from a fall down a flight of stairs, Nathan‘s smile never wavered. Nathan also understands the value of hard work, and his efforts on deck were always high. When this season came to an end, Nathan graciously gave a shout-out to all who worked beside him, because he is just that kind of a human.

After the cameras on this new Below Deck spin-off went down post-Season 1, neither Nathan nor this series reemerged. Though we are still uncertain of Below Deck Adventure’s future, one thing is still clear with us; we need Nathan rehired on any of the other Below Deck spin-offs.

Hayley De Sola Pinto

Hayley De Sola Pinto/Instagram

Stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto appeared on Below Deck Season 10. During her time on board, she quickly bonded with Chief Stew Fraser Olender. The dynamics of these two were hysterical, as their sarcastic, witty personalities seemed to be perfectly aligned. While Fraser is returning for Season 11, his fiery red-headed sidekick is not, and on this, we are “madder than a pissed-on chicken.”

Hayley veered away from the drama, which is likely why she wasn’t asked back. We hate that drama sells. That said, Hayley was funny and worked hard, so we’d love to see her back on Below Deck, with Fraser.

Courtney Skippon

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Stewardess Courtney Skippon worked underneath Kate Chastain on Below Deck Season 7, where the duo became fast friends. When Kate shared her casting video, we fell in love with Courtney all the more. Even though she was an incredibly hard worker, Courtney never hid the fact that she actually hated working, and on this, we can all pretty much relate.

Unfortunately, Courtney’s season was filled with misogyny and toxic masculinity. At this point, this well-spoken stew became the viewers’ voice, shutting down the “bru crew” with logic and calmly spoken rebuttals. We need Courtney back on Below Deck, with a much kinder crew.