Whitney Rose, Heather Gay
(Photo by: Brett Colvin/Bravo)

Heather Gay and Whitney Rose Are Back on ‘Solid Ground’

Heather Gay and her cousin Whitney Rose have been on a roller coaster regarding their relationship. They were thick as thieves when they were introduced to us and had a lot of fun together.

Then, in Season 3, a rumor that Lisa Barlow exchanged sexual favors for Utah Jazz tickets came between them. Whitney insisted that Heather heard the story, while her cousin denied knowing anything about it.

The tiff stuck around until the two Real Housewives of Salt Lake City ladies were cast in the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. At that point, Heather and Whitney appeared to resolve their issues. But it all came back to a head after comments made at BravoCon 2022.

“It’s much easier having her in my life,” Whitney said

However, the duo were filmed making amends during the Season 4 premiere. Whitney exclusively told Us Weekly that, “it was hard to not have her.”

“When things get crazy and people are fighting, Heather and I would always be commentary and that comedic relief I really missed in life in general,” she explained.

Indeed, Heather and Whitney added an aspect of quirkyness and fun to the group. And hopefully, RHOSLC can enjoy that camaraderie again.

“At the end of the day, we’re family and we love each other,” Whitney said while promoting the Season 4 premiere. “And I think that you take things out on the people you love most.”

It wasn’t easy to trust again

Whitney “really thought we were done” and was surprised when Heather reached out to her, though she initially kept her guard up.

“I didn’t want to move forward. I was very hesitant because the trust had been broken and we’re both heartbroken. It felt good just to have an apology [from her and] for me to apologize and move forward. It’s so much easier having her in my life,” Whitney acknowledged.

These ladies are “family” who “love hard” and “fight hard” too. But it’s certainly better to “have [Heather’s] support.” According to Whitney, the relationship is on “solid” ground.

So, how did Whitney’s invitation of Angie K. to Palm Springs affect her journey with Heather? That remains to be seen. But the group can “still take little jabs” at each other, Whitney explained. Ultimately, though, Heather “proved” to her that “she’s my friend.”

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