Lenny Hochstein
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Lenny Hochstein Denies Claims He ‘Harassed’ Lisa Hochstein During Mansion Move

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is finally rid of Lenny Hochstein, but oh my god it took an eternity to get here. Lenny is already preparing to wife someone else up and Lisa is preparing a new chapter in a new home.

But before she can enjoy a fresh space, she still has to deal with Lenny and her previous crib. Lisa claims Lenny was harassing her when she was trying to get out. Now of course Lenny is denying her implications. Us Weekly has the details.

These two will never agree on anything

It’s safe to say if Lisa said the sky was blue, Lenny would immediately discredit her and call it red. Dr. Len has wanted Lisa out of the mansion forever, and when she finally tried to move, he may or may not have been a douche about it.

Now Lenny shares his side of the story in what we will now call Mansion Moveout Madness 2023. “Lisa and I had a prenuptial agreement and I chose instead of enforcing it to give her a much better deal.” Yes, of course, Lenny offered her a “much better deal.”

He continued, “That meant much more money and much more child support and I would buy a home for her to live with the children until they became adults. And I would have thought that kind of agreement would have been met with gratitude.” This man wants gratitude after he paraded his big-boobed mistress all over Miami during his marriage. The NERVE.

“But it wasn’t. Lisa continues to go after me and accuse me of things that are simply not true,” Lenny added. Basically, at the end of August Lisa was packing her toys and leaving. Lisa said Lenny was there and made things “awkward” and “chaotic” as she tried to take care of business.

Obviously, Lenny is now saying he wasn’t there and I guess Lisa was hallucinating his image or something. “I didn’t harass her, I told her she can’t do this. I was aware she was moving but not clearing out my house,” Len shared. He told Lisa she could take “one bedroom of her choosing” as far as furniture, but he wasn’t expecting her to take everything including the light bulbs.

It’s the old he said, she said

“About three days before the move she told me she was going to take much more than I would agree. And in that case, there was a disagreement and we would go to court or mediation,” he said.

“Lisa completely ignored that and not only did she take much more than I had agreed to. She essentially cleared out my house. I was aware she was moving but not clearing out my house. I had to go buy pillows and linens because she took everything, I was left with a mattress. She took the towels. I was left with a fork and knife.” Not me sitting here chuckling over the visual of Lenny in a giant empty house with a Fisher Price utensil set.

“I agreed to pay up to $17,000 a month to get her a rental. And she agreed that she would need two months to move out and find a new place by [the first of September],” Lenny revealed. “After we signed this agreement she made no efforts to find a place and also breached multiple parts of this agreement.”

This past Monday, Lisa released her own statement. “I didn’t want to get into details of the MSA [Master Service Agreement]. But since Lenny opened this can of worms, it states that he would keep the majority or marital property, leaving me with the minority which could even be 49 percent. I wanted to come nowhere near that to avoid more legal fees and just take It states that if we disagree on this majority, we’ll mediate which I’m happy to do.”

The moral of the story is, don’t marry anyone who calls themselves a Boob God. There’s no way it will turn out well.