Why Kody Brown Is No Atlas, But Instead Delusional

Kody Brown
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For years, Sister Wives fans have felt that Kody Brown has lived in his own alternate reality where he does no wrong and his four wives are all in love with him. However, here, back on earth, Kody lives a very different life. He now has only one legal wife, Robyn Brown, as Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown have all left him behind in the cracked rearview mirror.

Still, Kody dreams of grandeur and hopes to be the head of his household once again. Kody’s deranged outlook and belief that he has the Midas touch is the reason fans keep tuning in week after week and season after season.

Does Kody Really Believe He Is Worthy To Compare Himself to a God?


Once a Greek Titan, Atlas was condemned to hold up the heavens for eternity. Atlas was skilled in philosophy, math, and astronomy and is credited with inventing the first celestial sphere. On the other hand, Kody has a high school degree and no college credits. The patriarch’s comparison makes sense to an extent, as the outburst came while he was arguing with Janelle. Kody very much feels like he is holding his plural family up while everything crumbles around him. But the ousted wives would argue he is no god and has done very little to ensure the happiness of his family.

Kody could be easily peacocking in hopes of proving to viewers that he is intelligent. The father of 18 has used words like “gaslighting” on and off throughout Season 18 in hopes of tricking people into believing his side. In reality, Kody doesn’t want a family. He wants soldiers who will back him every step of the way. When a rule is broken, or a family member doesn’t listen, he quickly gives them an ultimatum, and he is usually the one losing out. 

Kody Could Be Compared To Other Greek Characters

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Atlas is not the character we would first pick for Kody, but some others from Greek mythology jump to mind. Surprisingly, Kody hasn’t yet compared himself to Narcissus, who was known for his beauty far and wide. Thanks to his physique and long blonde curls, Kody thinks of himself as a ladies’ man. It’s important to note that Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pond and drowned trying to obtain the mystery lover, not recognizing his own face.  

It is more shocking that Kody has yet to compare himself to Prometheus, especially since he has a flair for the dramatics. Zeus punished Prometheus after he stole fire to bring back for mankind. As a punishment, Zeus changed him to a rock in the mountains, and every day, an eagle would come and eat part of his liver. After dealing with the pain, his liver would grow back each night, meaning he had to endure the punishment for all eternity. If anything, having to deal with three women dumping you feels like an eternal punishment, yet Kody sees himself more as the hero than the villain. 

Kody Does No Wrong

Kody Brown

It’s amazing how Kody feels he has done no wrong to Meri, Janelle, or Christine. Watching a recent argument between Kody and his second wife just proved how childish and out of touch the father of 18 really is. While becoming very heated, Kody refused to let Janelle get a word in edge-wise and abruptly started to say “no” every time she tried to make a point. This adult version of “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue” wowed viewers and solidified that Kody wasn’t interested in hearing anyone else’s side of the story as he only wanted to be seen as the victim. 

The polygamist is now essentially alone. He has no relationship with his older children, hates his three wives, whom he considers traitors, and is pushing Robyn away. He will be left with nothing if he doesn’t snap out of his fantasy world. And let’s be honest, even though Kody likes to make himself into a main character, he has supporting actor vibes shooting out of him. No way would Zeus even give Kody a second glance because, in the end, Kody is just a mere mortal with hopes of an epic poem being written about him.