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Police Used Automobile Fluid to Track Down Shannon Beador

Leave it to simple sleuthing and detective work to track down the Real Housewives of Orange County culprit. Resident tequila queen (that RHOC tagline is not your friend right now) Shannon Beador was arrested over the weekend. She was booked on charges of DUI alcohol, and hit-and-run.

Since then, the owners of the Newport Beach residence that Shannon slammed into while driving under the influence are giving statements to the media. They described how the police were able to track Shannon’s car after she left the scene of the accident. For one, a neighbor wrote down Shannon’s license plate number. But second, and literally, the most basic. A trail of automobile oil.

A “clear trail” leading to Shannon

The residents, who wish to remain anonymous, gave a statement to Us Weekly about how the police solved the crime. They revealed that the Newport Beach Police Department contacted them about the accident and said a trail of automotive fluid was discovered at the point of contact.

“What they said was someone hit your house and they were able to locate the suspect because they followed automobile fluid. There was [a] clear trail of it and it’s still outside of our house,” the resident said.

In pictures obtained by the publication, debris can be seen. There’s also slick liquid that trails from the sidewalk and down the street.

It’s not looking great for Shannon. The victim was asked by police if he “wanted to press charges.” The resident answered, “we just said yes at the time.”

Apparently, John Janssen, Shannon’s ex-boyfriend lives just down the road. And word is that neighbors “heard them screaming at each other” the night of the accident.

So much for trying to keep your relationship woes under wraps from the reality TV show you’ve been starring in. No matter that issues are coming to light in real time. Bravo announced that they would not resume filming to catch the aftermath of this unfortunate incident. Most luckily, no one was hurt from the impact.

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