Taylor Ann Green
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Where Do Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green Stand Today?

On the Southern Charm season premiere, Taylor Ann Green made it clear that she has unresolved issues with ex-boyfriend Shep Rose. He had just returned from a lengthy, trust fund-funded, multi-country vacation. His ex-girlfriend had things to say, though, not necessarily to him, it seems.

Taylor came to Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle’s wedding celebration in a vulnerable yet combative mood. It was done in an attempt to let bygones be bygones.

However, since the episode aired, Shep promised fans that Taylor would start to move forward and process her emotions. As the season progresses, matters will be much more civil between the former couple.

Both Shep and Taylor agree that they are on “good terms” now

Now, Taylor is sharing the same sentiment in an interview with HollywoodLife. And Shep doubles down on the amicable nature of their current relationship, calling it “good.”

He gave an interview to the news publication on September 14. “I choose to take the high road as much as I can in this life, and I care about her a lot. I always will. And I think that’s mutual,” the Southern Charm star explained.

Not to say that they aren’t sticking to some boundaries. But Shep reiterates how important he feels Taylor is in his life.

“[W]e haven’t really gotten into each other’s private lives as far as other companions or whatnot or dating scene. That’s probably good for now. I hope one day we could. I’m still close with her parents,” Shep revealed.

“I text with her mom every now and then, and I text with Taylor, too. She’s a big reason of the mosaic of who I am. She’s a major piece of that quilt, you know, and I respect that and love that. I would never turn my back on her. I would give her the zebra shirt off my back.”

Moving forward with positivity

Taylor agrees that she does consider Shep a friend and said they are “on good terms now.” However, there are still unresolved issues that she wants to bring up at the reunion.

She said she was “obviously gonna have to revisit some things at [the] reunion.” Then added, “but I think that at the end of the day, we’re all good friends genuinely.”

As far as reliving the emotional fallout caught on camera at the Season 9 premiere, Taylor admitted to succumbing to emotions.

“I really didn’t want it to affect me. I find myself to be a really strong, independent person. And when you break it down, I’m actually, like, not at all. I let my emotions get the best out of me probably more times than I should have this year. It’s definitely, again, really tough going into it, and then you’ll kind of see it play through,” she explained.

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