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Avery Singer Blames RHONY for ‘Downfall’ of Parents’ Marriage, ‘Not Proud’ of Reality TV Past 

Avery Singer is at it again, trying to convince us of her crucial position in Real Housewives of New York history. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong — being the daughter of OG Ramona Singer is something to brag about. I mean, can you imagine growing up with the Ramonacoaster as your mom? It had to be quite the experience.

However, little Miss Avery always likes to over-exaggerate her impact on filming RHONY. She spent the majority of time on the show as a literal child and, the second she started her girl boss adventure, she used it to profit off of. Yet, Avery likes to bite the hand that feeds her. The most recent offense occurred on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. Buckle up.

Avery Singer is a poor little reality “star

Avery spent time on the podcast talking about her regrets about doing RHONY. Again, she was not old enough to sign a contract or even film more than a few scenes a season, so her point is hard to grasp. “So many great things about [RHONY], but at the end of the day, it led to, in some ways my parents’ downfall and publicized of all of our family drama,” Avery said. “Being on reality TV is not something that we’re like so proud of.” Except she’s proud to use her “status” to boost her bank account. Suspicious.

She essentially blamed RHONY for Ramona and Mario Singer’s divorce. I’d put the onus on Mario’s shady affair, but Avery blames the cameras. She claims her mom would totally agree with her. “Some people wouldn’t date my mom. Some people wouldn’t date me. I wouldn’t get certain jobs,” she said. “There’s a lot of negativity and hate.” OK, because every recent college grad can start a bachelorette party business off of their parents’ success and built-in platform, but I digress.

Avery also made some comments that were giant red flags about her parent-child relationships. “There were moments where my Dad had more resentment, my Mom had more resentment, they weren’t speaking. I’m the middle person, I’m the only child, I’m the middle therapist,” she said of her parents’ split. “We have this joke that I kind of parent my parents in a lot of ways, and sometimes it’s like who’s taking care of me?” Girl, get off of a podcast and into some therapy because that is textbook parentification.

Let’s all thank Avery for the success of RHONY *not*

Avery’s comments continued to be over the top when she described both her and her mom as “reality TV gold.” Ramona is one thing, but Avery’s scenes on RHONY are mostly forgettable to me, and I can’t be the only fan to think so. “And some people take it so personally like how could you do that, you’re a bad person or whatever. It’s like we’re just trying to be entertaining here guys,” Avery said of reality TV. “She’s been entertaining and the longest-running housewife in history. So like, you’re welcome.” Again, Avery, I’m not sure how much you really had to do with that “success.”

She concluded that her family never signed up for 13 years of their lives on TV, so it wasn’t in the plan. “We didn’t know what we were signing up for and she’s not meant for this big being on TV, understanding TikTok. You know, that’s not her. She’s almost 70,” Avery said. Ramona, you better come get your girl — she’s throwing shade at your “simply ageless” life. At least Avery said her mom is at a better place in her life now that she’s not filming fights for reality TV. That might be the only thing from this interview I actually believe.

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