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Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard Went To Counseling Before Split

In the slew of break-ups we’ve witnessed in 2023, Summer House stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke ending their relationship was rather surprising. By all accounts, they were deeply in love and in it to win it. Then summer ended and so did Lindsay and Carl.

Rumors of infidelity were running rampant, placing Carl firmly in the hot seat, but lately, other Bravolebs have spoken up. Craig Conover divides his time between Southern Charm and Summer House and said once their season starts to air, Carl’s choice to end things will become more clear. It appears the writing might have been on the wall for quite some time for Linds and Carlito. According to sources, they were already in counseling.

Did Lindsay’s drinking determine Carl’s decision?

Us Weekly spoke with an insider close to Carl and Lindsay who said the former couple needed help to work on their relationship problems. “They had actually seen a counselor. But Carl didn’t think it was a good way to start their forever together,” the source said.

“Carl had major fundamental issues before the wedding and wanted to take an honest look at them,” they added. As any fan of Summer House knows, Carl is sober and he’s sober for a reason. He lost a brother to substance abuse and saw his own life going down the drain as a result of not saying no to drugs. It is, without a doubt, how he continues to survive. But Lindsay, not so much.

“Sobriety is a big issue for him. Lindsay had become sober, but then incorporated drinking back into her lifestyle,” the friend shared. And here’s where the conundrum lies with one partner who is sober and one who isn’t. Is it the job of the sober person to just deal with others drinking? After all, it was his choice to quit, not anyone else’s. Additionally, continuing with Summer House would seem like it leaves Carl in an incredibly vulnerable state as everyone drinks.

On the other side, Lindsay knew of Carl’s struggles with making the choice to get sober. She saw him at his worst. Linds was the first person Carl turned to when his brother was found dead. There is no doubt she is fully aware that Carl needs to be sober to stay alive – is she the bad guy for not cutting alcohol out of her life too?

That sober lifestyle

Carl made his big change in January 2021 and Lindsay joined him for a brief time in support. While Carl “fully” supported Linds “having a glass of wine with her aunt or having a Loverboy with whomever” those feelings changed over time. “He was nervous about their future together without figuring things out. Things were not resolved between Carl and Lindsay as the wedding was approaching,” the insider continued.

Apparently, Carl didn’t want to completely end it with Lindsay, but things either escalated or got activated and he pulled the plug. “His intention was not to break up with her, he only wanted to address their relationship and it went south. It wasn’t supposed to be a breakup, but it escalated,” the friend concluded.