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RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Claims Jen Shah Gave Her Fake Louis Vuitton

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has finally returned and all I can say is, “Jen Shah, did we know her?” The ladies have come in hotter than a firecracker but newbie Monica Garcia is blazing her own trail.

While we all prepare our Transatlantic accents in preparation for tonight’s episode, first Monica is dropping more details on Jen. As viewers have learned, Monica used to work for Jen and then she helped put Jen in the big house. Mon has a very full arsenal she’s about to let loose, but she’s not done with Jen quite yet.

Monica got that Louey Vuitton

Step aside Heather Gay because her version of Bad Mormon has Monica saying, “Hold my beer.” She’s been ex-communicated, she’s fornicated, and now she’s speaking on the tears over Louis.

Monica is going through a(nother) divorce and essentially pinching her pennies. Being around the $60k rings of Lisa Barlow and label hoarding of Mary Cosby can make a newbie feel some type of way. In an effort to “fit in” with her co-stars, Monica carried herself to the Louis Vuitton store and walked out with a bag.

Naturally, the internet had thoughts. The Messenger spoke with Monica to get the true low down on her mission to keep up with the Joneses. “Everyone’s like, ‘She’s making it seem like she’s poor!’ All I was saying was I felt pressure for the first time in my life to have nice things in order to fit in with the group,” she began.

Monica defends … her purse

Armchair authenticators determined the new bag was paste, but Monica knows the difference between a real purse and a fake one because she was close with Jen. Remember when Jen’s house was raided by the Feds and they found a slew of counterfeit items? Yeah, so does Monica.

“The only fake Louis I have ever owned was the one Jen Shah gave me. Let me just go out here and say that my Louis was purchased brand new from a store. I have the receipts. Take that and check it. Only fake thing I’ve ever been given was from Jen Shah,” Monica shared.

Obviously, Jenny from the Cell Block can’t respond to Monica’s claims but considering Jen is in jail for fraud, it’s believable. As for the real Louis, we may see her very soon. “I’m going to bring it to the reunion. The Louis is going to have its own seat right next to me at the reunion,” Monica added. Apparently, the bag will be sitting in Jen’s empty chair.

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