90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 6: Who’s Still Together?

Cleo and Christian

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 has finally wrapped up after a long season that followed eight different couples. After the explosive Tell All, viewers are curious to know where each of the couples stand today. Between shocking breakups and a surprising proposal, here is all the tea on what the Season 6 couples are up to today.

How Successful Was Before The 90 Days Season 6?

Riley and Violet

Before The 90 Days Season 6 was surprisingly successful, given the chaotic couples that were featured this season. Out of eight couples, five are still together today. Two couples have officially broken up since filming, while Tyray Mollett was technically never involved in a real relationship on the show.

Gino and Jasmine – Still Together

Gino Palazzolo/Instagram

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda dealt with many ups and downs on Season 6, but the couple is still going strong today! Shortly after filming, Jasmine’s K-1 visa was approved and she was able to move to the United States to reunite with Gino. The couple will soon be returning for 90 Day Fiancé Season 10, which they recently attended an event for together.

David and Sheila – Still Together

Sheila Mangubat/Instagram

David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat were a fan-favorite couple on Season 6, and viewers will be happy to know that they are still going strong! At the Tell All, David revealed that he had helped Sheila rebuild her family home to make it a safer place to live. Furthermore, the couple has already applied for Sheila’s K-1 visa, which they hope will be approved soon.

Statler and Dempsey – Still Together

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson realized their differences when they met in person, but they made it work and are still together today. Dempsey felt unsure when Statler asked if she could move in with her permanently, although she later had a change of heart. During the Tell All, Statler revealed that she will soon be packing up all of her things to move into a camper van with Dempsey full time.

Christian and Cleo – Still Together

Christian Allgood/Instagram

Christian Allgood and his girlfriend Cleo were one of the more fragile couples on Season 6, but are nonetheless still together. During the Tell All, Christian revealed that Cleo had flown to Minnesota to visit him since filming had wrapped up. Christian then proceeded to ask Cleo if she would be willing to marry him in the future, and hinted that she could expect an in person proposal sometime soon.

Meisha and Nicola – Still Together

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan got engaged during the season finale, and the pair are still going strong! During the Tell All, Meisha revealed that her annulment had finally been granted, which meant she could now marry Nicola. Nicola planned to travel to the United States shortly after the Tell All, to have the opportunity to see Meisha’s life and meet her family.

Amanda and Razvan – Broke Up

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi had a strained relationship all season, so it is no surprise that they ultimately broke up. A few weeks after Amanda left Romania, Razvan broke up with her and said that he did not feel ready to be completely committed. Amanda later revealed that she is now talking to someone new, although Razvan is not aware of it.

Riley and Violet – Broke Up

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

Riley Diego tried to make a relationship with Violet Tuyet work, but was ultimately unsuccessful. After Riley left Vietnam, Violet claimed that she was pregnant with his child although she later suffered a miscarriage. During the Tell All, Riley confirmed that he and Violet were no longer in a relationship. However, Violet announced that she planned to travel to the United States to see Riley soon, although it was not clear why.

Tyray and Carmella – Not A Real Relationship

90 Day Fiancé/Instagram

It is hard to confirm Tyray’s relationship status after the show, as he was never in an actual one in the first place. Tyray was catfished by a man named Christian, who was pretending to be a woman named Carmella. At the Tell All, Tyray confirmed that while he is still single, he is currently not looking for love.