Jessel and Pavit’s Marriage Is Better Than Erin and Sai Give Them Credit For

Jessel Taank Pavit Real Housewives of New York RHONY
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There have been many misconceptions regarding Jessel Taank and Pavit Randhawa‘s marriage on the Real Housewives of New York City. From the starting gate, the couple never had a fair shot when it came to defending their union, mainly since the storyline was centered around Jessel and Pavit’s lack of intimacy for the past year and a half. While other Real Housewives husbands, like Abe Lichy, would cheat immediately, Pavit has stuck it out with his wife.

Both are parents to twins and have full lives, which keep them busy 24/7. I would argue that many viewers relate to Pavit and Jessel’s relationship and intimacy issues. Yet Jessel has been under constant attack from the other women, which has become a bit of a mean girls’ forum. But after a closer look, it looks as if Pavit and Jessel may have one of the best marriages; here’s why. 

Marry Your Best Friend

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Bravo fans learned that Jessel and Pavit met through mutual acquaintances while at a bar on the Lower East Side. Jessel joked in an earlier episode that the two were just close friends until she molded him into the man she had always dreamed of. The romance spark didn’t happen immediately, but the two always kept a close bond. Jessel’s mother was the first one to point out that they would end up together, which caused the fashion guru to make a mental note. 

After three years of dating long-distance with Jessel in NYC and Pavit in Michigan, Pavit proposed, dropping down to one knee on a remote island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Jessel once told Vogue, “He had completely blindsided me. That evening, Pavit had arranged a private dinner by the ocean with an incredible fireworks display at the end. It was perfect!” See, it pays to marry your best friend! 

Jessel and Pavit Are Marriage Goals

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It makes sense not to rush into a relationship. Everyone knows of the best friend pact where you both state that if you aren’t married by a certain age, you will tie the not with each other. While this isn’t exactly what happened for Jessel, it feels kinda close.

Both Pavit and his wife actually have a lot of chemistry that shows through their banter. Their romance makes sense as it allows them to raise children with someone they completely trust, even if it’s not so lovey-dovey. 

Jessel and Pavit Are Just in a Dry Spell

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While the series is making its dry spell out to be like the drying of the Sahara desert, it is a very normal moment that many couples go through. Dry spells don’t mean the couple isn’t in love anymore and can reflect some major life changes, like trying IVF and birthing twins.

Both Jessel and Pavit are entitled to take a breath and rebalance their lives appropriately. Going through months without sex can actually bring a couple closer as friends. As Bravo cameras have shown, the couple razz one another daily without getting offended, have breathless giggle fits, and seem to really understand what each other is about. 

Both Live Their Own Lives

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It is refreshing to see a husband and wife have their own hobbies outside of their shared ones. Pavit has his mileage thing, like flying to Vietnam for 24 hours, and his love of different foods. While everyone else is clearly freaking out about Pavil’s Vietnam trip, Jessel is very unbothered by her husband’s hobby, noting, “he is doing his thing.” Pavit’s joy is enough for Jessel to have his back instead of giving in to the gossip. 

It goes without saying that Pavit and Jessel show a deep sense of loyalty, which some of the other housewives might be missing. The chemistry within a relationship isn’t just about the sexual connection. The new season is trying to reinforce the stereotype that Jessel should have a sex-focused relationship. But the couple is sticking to their guns, proving that they are completely comfortable with one another, and no amount of shaming is going to change how they view their marriage.