All the Reasons Robyn Blames Christine for Kody’s Downfall


No matter how Kody Brown‘s fourth wife spins the family mess, Sister Wives fans just can’t stomach her reasons for the failed polygamous family. For years, Robyn Brown has been a thorn in the side of Kody’s first three wives, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, and Janelle Brown. Robyn entered the clan in 2010 as the youngest wife of the patriarch. Almost overnight, she gained favor with Kody, resulting in her becoming a real-life Geppeto over a man child named Pinocchio we mean Kody. 

Robyn Calls Out Christine

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown
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During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Robyn’s frustrations boiled over as she took aim at the fan-favorite TLC star. During a tense conversation with Meri, Robyn noted how “angry” the father of 18 had become, with both agreeing that he was not the man they first fell in love with all those years ago. Taking it upon herself to pinpoint an assailant, Robyn, aka Nancy Drew, blamed Christine’s choice to leave as the reason Kody had “changed” emotionally. 

Talking to Meri, Robyn blasted Christine, claiming, “What Christine has done is messed him up. He doesn’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past. Like, what he thought was a functional situation. She basically said it was horrible.” Robyn continued, “Every single minute of every single day type of thing. Stories upon stories of all of the things she was going through and not about you and Janelle as much as him.”

Robyn Feels Christine Tainted the Plural Lifestyle

Kody Brown, Christine Brown
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During the conversation, Robyn became so heated she began to sob, living up to her Sobbin’ Robyn nickname. While Kody claims he is lamenting, Robyn feels that he there is nothing for him to do to save his family. Robyn noted that she could try and urge him to mend his relationships, but seemed to give up in her confessional as she said, “Kody is going to do what Kody is going to do.” 

Conversely, Robyn has always played the victim even though she denies these claims, stating she “won’t allow herself to be in that thought process.” It all comes back to being a good sister wife to Robyn. Both Janelle and Christine revealed that their issues stemmed from how Kody perceived Robyn was treated. There have been many times when Robyn has become irate and Kody has followed suit. Sadly, friendship in a marriage just isn’t enough, leaving Robyn to feel Christine was the villain in the divorce. 

Meri, however, wasn’t fully on board with that narrative as she revealed, “I don’t believe that Christine said that every bit of our lives was hell. I believe she had frustrations, and if that’s what Kody interpreted it as and relayed to Robyn as such, I don’t think that’s fair.”

Kody Is Disillusioned

Kody Brown

Another reason for Robyn’s excessive hate for Christine came when she revealed it was the mother of six’s fault that Kody had lost his way with God. Kody grew up practicing in the Apostolic United Brethren, but since his divorce, he has lost his way.

But Christine wasn’t going to take the accusations lightly, retorting, “I’m not going to be responsible for Kody’s losing his religion. That’s ridiculous. To put me as the scapegoat for him losing his faith. I never had that much power of Kody.”

Dr Jekyll Meet Mr Hyde

Robyn Brown

According to Janelle, Robyn always had a special way of manipulating those around her. The real estate agent shared some insight into the family dynamics, saying, “Robyn plays this really weird card where she forgets or she doesn’t know why, and that’s a typical M.O. for her. I can’t even bring anything up with Kody about Robyn because she’s perfect. She’s supportive; She’s the only one who’s been loyal. Like, he just shuts it down. There’s no communication.”

It is clear that Robyn is just trying to turn the viewer’s eyes away from the car crash that is her relationship with the rest of the Brown family. Even though she is trying her best to blame the other wives, Sister Wives viewers can not be convinced that Robyn isn’t at fault. No matter how hard she tries to win over the audience, it is obvious that polygamy isn’t a good fit for everyone.