Why the Claims About Sai De Silva’s Scandalous Marriage Are Actually Pretty Shocking

Sai De Silva Real Housewives of New York RHONY
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Rumors are not new in the Bravosphere when it comes to the Real Housewives of New York City. At this point, fans have heard everything from Tom D’Agostino cheating at The Regency Hotel, Mario Singer having a mistress behind Ramona Singer‘s back, and Brynn Whitfield being a sugar baby. However, sometimes rumors seem so out of this world that they catch fire and blow up on social media.

Sai De Silva has fans torn down the middle whether she is likable or not. While she is a true New Yorker who speaks her mind, sometimes her thoughts come across as accusations. However, Sai now seems to be in the hot seat as she has been put on the defensive when it comes to her marriage after being accused of stealing a married man. Viewers will have to channel their inner Nancy Drew to get to the bottom of the case of The Mistress and her Man. 

What Is the Rumor About Sai?

Sai De Silva
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The word on the street is that Sai and her husband, David Craig, had an affair while he was married to his first wife. The two allegedly met at Swim Bar when Sai bartended for David, who owned the bar. Even though this is an unverified rumor, it sure got tongues wagging. Sai told viewers that she and David have been married for 14 years after tying the knot in a private ceremony back in 2009. However, some boiling hot tea has recently been spilled after fans did a deep dive into Sai De Silva’s marriage to find more information.

Followers via Reddit noted that they found receipts on Ancetroy.com showing Sai lied about their wedding date. It looks like the couple married at the courthouse in 2017 but first met in 2009. Sai has tripped over her own lies as she once stated she was married in 2009. However, in another conversation, shared her children were present at her wedding. Both her daughter and son were born in 2012 and 2017. 

Via Sai’s YouTube channel, she joked that David knew she was the one because she became pregnant. As Phaedra Parks would say, the “math ain’t mathing.” During the video, David remembers their first meeting at the swim-up bar. He shared that Sai was hungover and he was there due to a work trip after selling his marketing company. All these stories are giving me whiplash. 

Is Karma Catching Up With Sai?

Sai De Silva Real Housewives of New York RHONY
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These housewives never learn. There’s no point in lying when you have a fandom full of people who rival the FBI. If the information about Sai turns out to be true, it would be pretty ironic, especially after how she treated Jessel Taank. It has not been missed that Sai complains about Jessel supposedly not telling the whole truth about her childhood, while Sai is possibly lying about her own marriage. Sai has cemented herself as a pretty judgy housewife, especially after the last episode showed her cutting Jessel off during a pretty powerful story. 

Sai pummeled Jessel over and over again as she criticized the mother of twins life experiences. Sai’s attitude has become so bad that she has been dubbed a mean girl of RHONY. Followers are having a hard time connecting with the influencer. Some feel she may need to be recast for the next season. It is clear that Sai was hoping to project a certain image to Bravo viewers. However, now, with the rumors, it will be hard to recover from. As fans say, where there is smoke, there is usually fire. 

The rumors do not align with how Sai has characterized herself. The news doesn’t make her look good, especially after she judged all her other co-stars’ relationships. Sai honestly seems pretty intelligent, so it’s a bit odd she would have tried to cover up the story. It begs the question of why Real Housewives stars with so many skeletons (personal, financial, criminal, etc.) in their closets keep going on reality TV shows and lying about their lives. The truth always comes out, and fame doesn’t look like it is worth that much trouble.