Katharina Mazepa, Lenny Hochstein
(Photo by Romain Maurice/Getty Images)

Rumor: Lenny Hochstein Breaks up With Fiancée Katharina Mazepa

Real Housewives of Miami is about to return in all its glory. Within that glory will be the long, drawn-out divorce of Lisa Hochstein and ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein. During her time on RHOM, fans have watched Lisa and Lenny not really get along for years until Lenny pulled the plug in May 2022.

But before Lenny pulled the plug, he pulled in a replacement. He began dating Katharina Mazepa the same month he filed for divorce sparking speculations of cheating. Nevertheless, court proceedings were ahead, and Lenny became engaged to Katharina in July 2023.

Now we’re here in October, preparing for the holiday season, but Lenny might be hanging a vacancy sign instead of festive decorations. According to insiders, he’s already done with Lisa 2.0. Allegedly.

Is Lenny turning this model in early?

The streets have been buzzing about Lenny and possible future bride Katharina. B and Amanda over at the Cocktails and Gossip podcast have the scoop. Allegedly. In discussing the multiple breakups over the Bravoverse, Lenny’s name dropped out of thin air.

The host said a very accurate source had some details about Lenny and Katharaina’s state of affairs, and it’s not looking good. She said, “I’m currently trying to get more information, but I was told that they have a pretty combative relationship.”

“Ultimately they had a huge fight after the move to the house that he evicted Lisa and the kids from, the Star Island mansion,” she explained. Yes, the mansion he’s renting out … GO ON.

“And the person said, I’m sure more will be coming out very soon,” she added. Interesting and right in time for the new season! While Lisa was kicked out of the manse, she’s currently all curled up in a fancy new condo. The original plan was for Katharina to move into the Star Island house, apparently, the home is listed for rent on several real estate sites.

Lenny and Katharina have been staying under the radar, it seems. I guess the shine has worn off because Lenny is no longer posting her photo on social media every other day. Also interesting to note, despite Lenny’s unsavory relationship with Lisa, her pics still remain on his Instagram.

The recent restaurant run-in …

Since Lenny and Lisa are both remaining in Miami, they sometimes take up space at the same venue. Lenny may or may not have Katharina on the way out, but he was with her at Prime 112 and ran into Lisa and her new man. Witnesses said, “The two seemed to be happy they were there, but you could feel there was tension between the two [couples].”

And get this, insiders also said both couples got “extra cozy with their significant others” when someone from Team Lenny looked at Team Lisa. This is so stupid, these people are grown.

Don’t worry about Lenny being without a place to sleep though. Earlier this month he allegedly bought a 2,900-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bathroom waterfront home at 1161 Belle Meade Island Drive. Property records show the sale price went to $6.8 million.

Real Housewives of Miami is set to return November 2023 on Bravo.