(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MTV)

Johnny Bananas Thinks The Challenge Producers Will Try To Take Him Down if He Returns

Love him or hate him, Johnny Bananas is synonymous with MTV’s The Challenge. He’s not only won the most seasons, but he’s also been on since Jesus was a child! Meaning, a really long time. I personally can’t stand the guy but I guess there is something to be said for what he brings to the table.

But according to the oh-so-humble Johnny, being a big dog comes at a steep price. One that he thinks he’s going to have to pay if he joins another season of the long running show.

Bananas told The Messenger, “I sh*t you not, if I’m ever on The Challenge, in a final again, producers will be intrigued with tranquilizer darts trying to take me down to make sure I don’t win anymore.”

Sour bananas

So why exactly would producers not want Johnny to take home another title? “I feel like winning The Challenge at this point — I’m making lateral moves. What more can I accomplish there? There’s only going sideways,” he explained.

Which leads him to why joining the cast of E!’s House of Villains was so appealing. Said Johnny, “What excites me so much about coming out to House of Villains is being on a show with people that I’ve never played with before.”

He added, “[These are] people who don’t necessarily know my background. But it’s also me being able to take what I’ve learned on The Challenge — the villainy, the conniving, and the tomfoolery — and see if I could take it onto a new platform, onto a new stage, into a new environment with new people and just see how I was able to survive.”

Oxygen thieves

All that said, Bananas should feel right at home. Right? “The most challenging part was being in a house with so many over-the-top insane personalities,” he shared.

Johnny then concluded, “I’m used to the show that I do. There’s a couple of us, there’s maybe like three or four people that really are over the top and kind of carry the show and absorb all the oxygen in the room. Just walking in the front door [of this house], I couldn’t breathe — not just because of all the attractive ladies and gentlemen that were there. I was just trying to keep up.”

House of Villains continues Thursdays on E!.