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Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Butler Suing Bravo for Alleged Sexual Abuse

Want more bad news for Bravo? Welp, here you go because we may have another candidate for Bethenny Frankel’s reality television reckoning. A butler from Season 2 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip has come forward with allegations he was sexually abused.

Marco Vega was briefly employed at Blue Stone Manor in September 2021 when RHUGT was filmed. He alleges most of the cast were drinking like sailors on leave and throwing back shots of bourbon and cocktails. After imbibing copious amounts of jet fuel, things became dodgy for Marco and now he’s decided to lawyer up. TMZ has the scoop.

Marco’s Misery

Here’s a case of a man being treated like a sexual object and apparently he didn’t like it. During his time at Blue Stone Manor, Marco the Butler was made to do more than provide hot towels. Allegedly.

While the ladies were having a grand ol time at Dorinda Medley’s crib, things apparently got a bit out of hand. Speaking of hands, it seems once one becomes incredibly drunk, they lose control over the limbs attached to their bodies.

Marco said at one point a strip tease performance began and when it was over, production advised him to “go over and get the women dancing.” He did as he was told and ALLEGEDLY a frisky-feeling Phaedra Parks threw her prayer cloth to the floor and smacked Marco on the butt.

Then Marco disclosed Brandi Glanville trotted on over and ripped his shirt off which exposed his chest. And yes, if the situation were reversed, a man would be in jail. It certainly doesn’t help matters that Brandi ALLEGEDLY said, “Earn your money, Marco. Take your shirt off. Do something!”

When Marco returned to the tranquility of his hotel room, he immediately rang his wife. She was seemingly furious and this whole thing has caused some big upsets in his marriage.

Marco the Butler is getting legal with Bravo because he feels the network encourages the talent to act inappropriately. Despite what he revealed about Phae Phae and Brandi, he is not suing them. His lawsuit cites sexual abuse and harassment and Marco wants damages with punitives.

But wait, there’s more!

Courtesty @marcoantoniovega Instagram Stories

What Marco neglected to share with the class is he has previously attempted to get money from the incident. Allegedly. About a year ago, on his Instagram Stories, Marco tried to sell the ripped shirt from the night in question. He started bidding at $100 and wrote on the post, “Let’s open the bidding at the $100. Brandi said she was going to pay for it. #rhugt2”

I’m not sure how well that will help his case with Bravo, but he’s going for it nonetheless. At this time, neither Phaedra nor Brandi have released a statement regarding Marco’s allegations.