Justin Rose's job has changed after his time on RHOSLC with wife Whitney Rose
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

RHOSLC’s Justin Rose Has ‘Overwhelming’ Update About New Job

Justin Rose has shared an exciting update about his new job! On The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, all the husbands have been through the wringer just so their wives can thrive on reality TV. Last year, Whitney Rose’s husband, Justin Rose, really went through when he lost his job thanks to his involvement in the show.

Justin was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at LifeVantage Corporation (a company that has been accused of operating a pyramid scheme), but he was fired because of the extra freaky scene on the show. You know the one — where he and Whitney made “art” using nothing but their bare bodies.

Season 3 of RHOSLC followed the aftermath of Justin losing his job. There’s nothing scarier than your household income getting slashed. Especially as Whitney poured buckets of money into her beauty and skincare brand. Some time has passed, and now, things have turned around for the Roses, and Justin has a new job! Bravo’s The Daily Dish recently shared all of the details.

Justin Rose’s new job means new challenges

In Season 4 of RHOSLC, Justin and Whitney talked about his new career move over dinner. At the time of filming, he had just started his new role as the President of Awakened. It’s another direct sales company like he worked at before. This company is focused on mental, physical, and financial wellness, so they get people to sell handy things like an $80 melatonin spray and a very reasonable $655 headset that offers light and sound therapy.

“It feels good to be, you know, back at it, for sure,” Justin said about reentering the workforce. “It’s just crazy to be in a full-time work routine. It’s getting quite overwhelming to try to balance it all.”

As Justin continues to make his “overwhelming” moves in the direct sales industry, Whitney took some time to give him a major shoutout on Instagram. In a recent post, she celebrated her man for all of his success in pedaling overpriced multivitamins. She bought him a massive Superman-inspired cake and congratulated him on his success.

Whitney wrote, “He has sacrificed so much for all of us. He is the most supportive husband and all around best human being. We are so lucky he is ours. I can’t wait to watch your next chapter babe.”

As Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City continues, expect to see Justin and Whitney continue to adjust to their new chapter. Having two bosses in the house tends to put a strain on couples. How can they keep that spark alive without Justin getting fired again?

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