New RHONY Housewives Who Should Be Replaced For Season 15

Real Housewives of New York Season 14 cast
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Vox Media

The rebooted Real Housewives of New York Season 14 is wrapping up, and what a ride it’s been. RHONY Season 14 gave us some great moments and compelling drama, but what really stood out was the cast. The group of new RHONY housewives received mixed reviews from fans, but the idea to refresh the cast was solid. A fresh group of housewives is the easiest way to inject new life into the Real Housewives franchise.

A few of the new RHONY housewives stood out as Bravo stars in the making. However, not all of the cast should return for Season 15. Sometimes housewives fail to resonate with fans, while others just don’t seem cut out for reality TV. These are the Season 14 stars who probably shouldn’t return next season, instead making way for new additions to the cast.

Ubah Hassan

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Let me make one thing clear—I absolutely adore Ubah Hassan! Not only is Ubah one of the most elegant and statuesque women to ever appear on the Bravo network, she also has a magnetic personality. Ubah, for the most part, got along well with her fellow housewives and often delivered equal parts sage advice and hilarious moments. Throughout Season 14 Ubah was unabashedly single and fabulous, and she was truly fun to watch.

So why should she be replaced for Season 15? While Ubah did well on her inaugural season, there are a few reasons why reality TV may not be for her. At the end of Season 14, it was revealed that Ubah has begun dating a new mystery man. However, Ubah has been very protective of her budding relationship.

It was clear how upset Ubah was that her castmate, Sai De Silva, betrayed her trust and blabbed about her Connecticut-based beau. If Ubah is that concerned about keeping her love life private, the Real Housewives is the wrong place for her. The best way for Ubah to keep her new relationship free from unnecessary pressure is to step away from the cameras. 

As a model, it also might not serve Ubah’s career to continue on RHONY. The modeling world is known for being wary of reality TV stars—after all, for every successful Kendall Jenner there are dozens of failed ANTM models (IYKYK). Ubah’s career might do just fine if she remains on Real Housewives, but it may not be worth the risk.

Erin Lichy

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Among the new RHONY housewives, there were two who strongly came across as mean girls—Erin Lichy and Sai De Silva. Both women have faced intense criticism all season, and Bravo would do well to give both of them the boot.

Erin got on fans’ and her castmates’ nerves practically from minute one. Early in the season, Erin caught flak for being a bad hostess and always failing to adequately feed her guests. Things only got worse from there. Erin was blasted for her tedious and self-involved vow renewal party, phone-stealing prank, and the disrespectful way she spoke about Jessel Taank’s marriage.

Though Erin seemingly has all the makings of a classic Real Housewives villain, she’s not a very enjoyable one. Frankly, she’d be more compelling to watch if she actually owned her bad behavior. Instead, Erin always tries to make excuses for herself and deny the things she’s done and said. Case in point, Erin refused to admit at the reunion that she had ever implied that Jessel’s husband was cheating, and it wasn’t a good look.

The new RHONY housewives should be joined by a truly loud-and-proud villain who isn’t afraid to own their problematic behavior. I’d much rather watch someone who’s completely deluded try to defend their batshit crazy actions rather than someone like Erin who tries to gaslight viewers and her castmates by denying anything ever happened.

Sai De Silva

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Erin’s fellow villain, Sai, also brought her fair share of mean girl behavior with little entertainment value. However, while Erin’s behavior was more catty, the way Sai went after Jessel was almost vicious. Sai continuously prodded Jessel to reveal more about her past, and even when she did, Sai didn’t believe her.

It was a strange look for Sai, and her vendetta against Jessel seemed to stem from some sort of deeply-rooted insecurity. Sai was quick to criticize Jessel for the same behavior she also exhibited. After all, coming at someone for being 40 minutes late to a meeting that you were 20 minutes late to yourself is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black. But Sai also wasn’t willing to accept Jessel’s attempts to sympathize and connect with her.

Overall, Sai gave off some very weird vibes in Season 14, and it would be a good idea for Bravo to replace her for Season 15. Sai is already a successful influencer, so getting cut from RHONY likely wouldn’t have much of an impact on her financially. It would probably benefit Sai to not return to Real Housewives and continue to go down the villain rabbit hole.