Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Spoilers: Who Gets Engaged?

Blake Moynes
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Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 has already been a wild ride, and may have a shot at being the most chaotic season yet. Reality Steve has come to the rescue of spoiler hungry fans once again, and has revealed that two couples leave the beach engaged this season. In addition to the engaged couples, the Bachelor Nation blogger shed light on some other surprising Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 spoilers. If you don’t want to know the ending of BIP Season 9, you may want to stop reading here!

Aaron & Eliza Get Engaged

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The first engaged couple this season is Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei, which is not much of a surprise. Aaron and Eliza have been one of the only consistent couples so far, despite a few hiccups in their relationship. Both Aaron and Eliza were day one arrivals, and have been pretty much set on one another since the beginning. There is always that one “it couple” on the beach, and this season’s seems to be Aaron and Eliza.

So Do Kat & John Henry

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The more shocking couple revealed by Reality Steve was none other than Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock, who reportedly got engaged as well. Kat and John Henry’s romance has just started to bloom, as he originally pursued a relationship with Olivia Lewis. After ending things with Tanner Courtad, Kat decided that she was interested in seeing where things went with John Henry.

So far, Kat has come off somewhat desperate in her chase of John Henry. While he does seem interested, it is also clear that the two have very different personalities. Kat is loud and aggressive, while John Henry seems more quiet and mellow. It will be interesting to see how this relationship plays out, since it had a rather nontraditional start.

Aven & Kylee Left Together, But Not Engaged

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Reality Steve also revealed that while Aven Jones and Kylee Russell left as a couple, they did not get engaged. This is not much of a surprise, considering that Aven and Kylee are currently one of the most solid couples on the beach. The couple is reportedly still going strong, and they have been spotted together multiple times since filming ended.

Brayden Ultimately Chooses Becca, Causing Rachel To Self Eliminate

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Surprisingly, Brayden Bowers and Rachel Recchia have been an enjoyable couple so far this season. After their artistic date, Bachelor Nation viewers found themselves rooting for the pair. Their dreams were short-lived, however, when Becca Serrano walked down to the beach. She pulled Brayden for a chat, and later asked him to go on a date with her, which he accepted.

Per Reality Steve, Brayden eventually chooses to pursue Becca over Rachel. As a result, Rachel decides to self eliminate. However, before the next rose ceremony, Becca allegedly breaks down and self eliminates as well. This leaves Brayden all alone, so he will presumably also self eliminate or be eliminated in a rose ceremony in the near future.

Blake Also Self Eliminates

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Blake Moynes is another cast member who self-eliminates on Bachelor In Paradise Season 9, according to Reality Steve. Since day one, Blake had been involved in a seemingly solid relationship with Jess Girod. However, Jess later admitted that she wanted to pursue other people and suggested that Blake do so as well.

Not long after that, Genevie Mayo came down to the beach with a date card, and pulled Blake for a chat. Blake later agreed to go on the date with Genevie, which left Jess feeling pretty upset. While it is not clear what will cause Blake to self eliminate, it seems pretty certain that he is no longer in any sort of relationship with Jess nor Genevie.

Tyler & Mercedes Break Up

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The final Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 spoiler revealed by Reality Steve was that Tyler Norris and Mercedes Northrup eventually break up. This is not much of a surprise, since their relationship was one of the more random ones to form. While the two did seem compatible, they also did not stick out as one of the stronger couples on the beach.

Since Reality Steve specifically reported on Tyler and Mercedes, it is possible that they are one of the final couples remaining. On the other hand, it is also possible that he just happened to receive extra info on these two. Either way, it is evident that Tyler and Mercedes unfortunately did not last long!