Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
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BravoCon 2023: Carl Radke Breaks Silence on Lindsay Hubbard Split

Summer House star Carl Radke is trying to pull the pieces of his life back together and move on following his split from ex-fiancée Lindsay Hubbard.

“It’s hard,” he said at BravoCon on Friday, November 3. “Not gonna lie, there’s been a lot going on the last two months … I’m trying to hold my head high. I’m incredibly anxious and nervous because it’s been a very emotional period of time. And I’m trying to move forward with respect, and handle things in the right way.”

Carl shared how things have been going in his life without Lindsay with TooFab.

An overwhelmingly ‘positive’ response from fans

Carl Radke
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Carl had not spoken publicly about the breakup until now. He said it’s just been too “difficult” and “emotional” to talk about. He and Lindsay dated for two years before Carl called it quits in August, just weeks before the November 17 ceremony was to take place in Mexico.

Though he was unsure what kind of reception he’d get at BravoCon, Carl claims he’s received an overwhelmingly “positive” response. Could it be that fans realize he did the right thing in calling it off with Lindsay?

“I absolutely love Bravo,” Carl shared. “I love our show … and I felt it was important to be here to support the fans [and] the network. I’ve gotten a lot of energy in the last 24 hours already … It’s actually been [an] overwhelmingly surprising and positive response.”

He added, “I just want to move forward, and I think this is a great weekend to finally do that.”

“Humiliated” and “blindsided” by the breakup

Lindsay Hubbard
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Lindsay and Carl’s breakup was not a mutual decision. The public relations specialist accused Carl of calling the production crew to return after filming had ended to capture their breakup on camera.

“It was absolutely humiliating,” she said. “It would’ve been one thing if this conversation happened … during the normal filming schedule. But for [Carl] to call up producers and … manipulate me into sitting down [so he could break up with me] after we’d already wrapped is scary.”

“I was completely blindsided,” she claimed, adding that her ex “blew up my entire life” without even giving her a real explanation why. “I was crying, I was angry, and I had to find closure on my own. Now I’m at a place where I feel really good about moving on.”

For her part, Lindsay is famous for her volatile temper, which gets worse when she drinks. Carl is sober these days and doesn’t need that behavior in his life. I never thought they would last and couldn’t believe he actually proposed to her. But it’s better they break up now, rather than have to go through a nasty divorce down the road. There was never a happily ever after in the cards for Carl and Lindsay.

As he moves on with his life, Carl urges fans to watch the upcoming season of Summer House to see what really went down. “I stand true on what I experienced this summer, and I do believe people will watch it and understand how it came about.” I can’t wait to see it all play out.