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Kyle Cooke Reveals Why He Avoided Captain Lee at BravoCon

BravoCon 2023 was in full swing over the weekend in Las Vegas. As such, feuding and friendly interactions between all the Bravolebrities took place.

One surprise conflict that emerged from Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s split is between Captain Lee Rosbach and Kyle Cooke. During Summer House Season 7, Kyle appeared to be meddling in his best friend’s relationship with the professional publicist.

The Below Deck alum inserted himself into the drama when he criticized Kyle for being a lackluster friend to Carl. Lee himself knows Carl very well, and commented during his Salty With Captain Lee podcast.

Kyle was “a little surprised” by Lee’s comments

Captain Lee Rosbach
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Kyle was asked by The Messenger if he was avoiding Captain Lee during the BravoCon weekend. He was also asked to comment on the scolding he got from the fellow Bravolebrity.

“I have to assume he’s not quite well versed with the history of our show,” Kyle said. “I don’t think he quite understands the full history.” He added: “I know he’s been a good friend to Carl, and Lindsay for that matter. I was a little surprised.”

As for the logistics of avoiding Lee, Kyle explained, “I kind of walked by him earlier today. It just kind of came out from left field, to be honest. I was like, ‘Carl, what do you make of that?’ He’s like. ‘Yeahhh.”

So perhaps Carl was not looking for the endorsement from the Stud of the Sea. As for Kyle’s wife, Amanda Batula, she also suggested Lee lacked understanding about their friend dynamic.

“I don’t think Captain Lee is sitting down and binge-watching all the seasons of Summer House,” she said. “I think it was super out of context and he reacted to a clip.

Amanda continued: “I think he’s a buddy of Carl and I think anything he’s said is with a good heart, even if it was to take Kyle down.”

Kyle also pointed out that Lee “stirring the pot” could be a strategy to get followers to his podcast.

Previously, the Below Deck alum said the following about Kyle’s influence on Carl and Lindsay’s relationship.

“You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle. I think he contributed to a certain degree,” Lee said.