Everything We Learned About Below Deck at BravoCon 2023

(Photo by: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo via Getty Images)

BravoCon 2023 was nothing short of eventful. Below Deck fans were happy to see many of the franchise’s cast members present. Stars from the various spin-offs, including Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Down Under, and even Below Deck Adventure, were present. It was a memorable weekend for the Below Deck franchise, between announcements about the show’s future to interesting moments for certain cast members.

Captain Jason Chambers Was The Man Of The Weekend

(Below Deck/Instagram)

Jason Chambers is one of the most popular Below Deck cast members, so it wasn’t surprising to see the ladies all over him at BravoCon! Throughout the weekend, Jason mingled with many fellow Bravo stars and even expressed romantic interest in a few.

At the beginning of the weekend, Jason met Caroline Brooks from the Real Housewives of Dubai. The two reportedly hit it off, and even shared a kiss! However, Caroline was not the only woman interested in Jason. He was also pictured with Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules. Jason and Lala apparently had a lot in common and really enjoyed their time together. Could this be the next couple to come from the Bravoverse?

An Inside Look Of Below Deck Season 11


One of the biggest Below Deck updates from BravoCon was the official release of the Below Deck Season 11 trailer! Captain Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck Adventure was revealed to be Captain Lee Rosbach‘s replacement, following his ten season long run. From what we saw in the trailer, it does not seem like Season 11 will be an easy one for Captain Kerry. He is shown not only getting upset with the crew, but getting very angry with the guests as well.

In addition to Captain Kerry, Fraser Olender will be returning for his second season as Chief Stew. Ben Willoughby is the only other returning cast member, who will be featured as a Lead Deckhand this season. The three returning cast will be joined by seven new crew members. It will be interesting to see how this season goes with Captain Kerry in charge!

Daisy Kelliher Spoke Out On Her Past Romance With Colin MacRae

(Daisy Kelliher/Instagram)

Daisy Kelliher was another anticipated Below Deck attendee, and she spoke out about a lot of tea this past weekend. She was involved in an infamous love triangle with Colin MacRae and Gary King during the last season of Sailing Yacht. It did not end well. For the first time since the Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion, Daisy and Colin had the opportunity to talk at BravoCon.

Luckily for Daisy and Colin, it seems they have left the issues between them in the past. During a joint interview at BravoCon, Daisy admitted that she had no issue working with Colin in the future and emphasized that she would keep things professional. Colin revealed that he felt similarly, and said that he felt bad their brief romance had such a negative affect on their friendship. As for Gary, he was not present at BravoCon due to sexual misconduct allegations.

Aesha Scott Commented On Her Love Life… And Captain Jason’s

(Below Deck/Instagram)

Aesha Scott instantly became a fan favorite after her time on Below Deck Med, but she soared in popularity after becoming the Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under. Aesha appeared at BravoCon right by Captain Jason’s side, the two have one of the most admirable Captain-Chief Stew relationships of the franchise. Their relationship is strictly platonic, however, as Aesha has a boyfriend of three years.

At BravoCon, Aesha gave fans a much anticipated update of her love life since the ending of Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Aesha is still in a happy relationship, and revealed that she and her boyfriend have since moved. Aesha also commented on Captain Jason’s bachelor status, and admitted that she shipped him with Lala. In an effort to help them get things going, Aesha even removed herself from a group conversation so that they could chat privately.

BravoCon 2023 was a huge weekend for the Below Deck franchise, with many big moments and revelations. With a franchise as big and dramatic as Below Deck, there is always some new tea to be discussed!