Lindsay Hubbard
Photo by Christopher Polk/Variety via Getty Images

Lindsay Hubbard Reveals What Happened 24 Hours Before Carl Radke Breakup

Finally, Summer House fans are getting some answers. It’s been several months since Carl Radke ended his engagement with Lindsay Hubbard and the professional publicist is ready to start sharing details of the breakup.

Little is known what went down between the former couple. Naturally, the public gave Lindsay space to process however she saw fit and figured she would share her side of the story when ready.

Well, now is that time. Lindsay joined Nick Viall on his podcast The Viall Files on November 8. She painted the picture of an unsettled Carl in the days leading up to the moment that he broke up with her.

“He pops off on me,” Lindsay recalled of the day before her breakup

“We wrapped filming that Sunday at the house and he was kind of coming at me in a way that felt really icky and gross,” Lindsay said of Carl’s strange behavior.

“I get this text Tuesday night saying they are gonna film tomorrow. My radars are going off, my red flags are waving,” the Summer House star continued.

Her suspicions were aroused when Carl acted more than accomodating to the production team.

“He’s responding immediately,” Lindsay explained. “He’s moving couple’s therapy, he’s clearing the schedule. I am just like, ‘This is weird.'”

“I wake up early and I go into his room at 8 a.m. and I’m like, ‘Do you know what they want to film with us about today?'” Lindsay recalled the infamous day that Carl broke up with her on camera. “He pops off on me. The things he was saying, it was just crazy sh*t.”

Lindsay had her theories

She had a theory as to why Carl set up the interview. Perhaps it was a ploy to have her react a certain way for cameras. Lindsay, as tough as she is, did not respond in the way she thought Carl was expecting.

“They showed up that afternoon and we sat on the couch. When the words came out, I don’t think I reacted the way he wanted me to react. And as soon as he said, ‘You don’t take me seriously.’ I looked at him and I realized, ‘Oh, he’s wants me to beg and plead and say, ‘No, no, no, don’t do this. I’ll change. I’ll do whatever you need. Don’t call off the wedding,'” Lindsay recalled.  

“He didn’t give me any indication,” Lindsay said of her lack of suspicions. “He didn’t say anything that alluded to cold feet, I’m having second thoughts or I’m not ready or I need more time.”

Lindsay continued: “He said nothing that would have given me any clues. I mean, two weeks before he ended things I was at my bridal shower that he stopped by.”

Regarding whether Carl may have been influenced by another, Lindsay doesn’t think so. She said, “There might have been a conversation with his mom. I don’t think Kyle [Cooke] knew. I think Kyle was blindsided too,” Lindsay said. The Summer House star surmised: “I really think it was an impulsive, emotional decision out of anger.”

She added: “I don’t think he cheated. I don’t think there was any big moment, I just think he doesn’t fully understand commitment and what it takes.”

Summer House is expected to return to Bravo in 2024.