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RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Says Monica Garcia Lies About Everything

Heather Gay is back on Season 4 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the Bad Mormon is not happy. This show might be a master class in camp drama that could be a template for nighttime soap operas. The role of making bizarre believable, once held by Jen Shah, has been taken over by Monica Garcia.

What can you say about a lady like Monica. She’s clearly been traumatized by an erratic childhood. Monica also apparently helped put poor scamming Jen in jail. And she’s not the only bad Mormon in the bunch. According to Heather, there’s something else about the RHOSLC newbie. She may or may not lie about everything that comes out of her mouth. The Messenger has the scoop.

Dueling Bad Mormons

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It’s strange to see Heather have such a visceral response to someone. At first it seemed like she might be able to forge a friendship with Monica, based on some shared experiences. But that potential trauma bond has flown right out the window.

Monica has been doing the work on this show so far, almost like someone advised her how to get a second season. She’s spreading rumors about husbands and is open about her own adventure with infidelity. That said, Heather feels Monica is far from being a reliable source. For anything. Hmmm, the black eye wants to enter the chat so bad right now …

Some of the Salt Lake City fan base is wondering if Monica’s back hurts from carrying the show. Others are giving all the glory to Angie Katsanevas. The OG cast is divided but Heather is definitely Team Angie K at this juncture. She explained her recent change at BravoCon.

Over the weekend, Heather had some choice words regarding Mon. “I don’t pay attention to anything she says,” she began. Which is odd because Heather and Monica seemed to get along at first. “She’s full of lies,” Heather added.

Unfortunately, Heather was pulled away by her team before she could continue.

Things are heating up in Salt Lake City. Watch new episodes every Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo.