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Mary Cosby’s Son Robert Jr Pictured With Drugs on Social Media

So you know how when Mary Cosby talks to her son, he kind of seems … checked out? Many Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans assumed Robert Cosby Jr. was either camera shy or extremely tired, but as it turns out, his lethargic attitude could be due to something else.

We don’t see a lot of Robert Jr., and apparently, Mary doesn’t either. As hard as he tries to stay under the radar on RHOSLC, he doesn’t mind showing off on social media. What Robert Jr. is seemingly showing off should snap Mary back into reality real quick.

Valley of the Dolls … allegedly

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It’s not easy growing up surrounded by religion. Especially when your mother is head of the church and you live in Utah. Mary’s family unit isn’t exactly normal, but what is normal on Real Housewives at this point? While Mary doesn’t focus a lot of television time on Robert, she might want to start taking notice of what’s going on under her own roof. For Jesus’ sake if nothing else.

Robert Jr. may or may not be super fond of posting photos of pharmaceutical items that are probably not used for any pre-existing medical conditions. And he allegedly does so with the approval of his loving wife. The “wife” is the same person Robert Jr. married without telling Mommy. This comes after Mommy was accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in 2021. At that time Robert’s “wife” would have been around 16 years old. Hat tip to All About The Tea for this big sip!

All About the Tea via Instagram

Anyway, I guess posting drugs for clout is a thing and Robert is possibly participating in this action. Both he and wife Alexiana Cosby have an affinity for, um, photography and cough medicine. Allegedly. You can also see white pills that are probably not Extra Strength Excedrin because they have an extra-strength headache.

All About the Tea via Instagram

We can’t leave out pics of what I’m assuming is not sticky oregano. Here’s what, this is all alleged despite Robert and Alexiana appearing in the photos. I know, I know, but deepfake media is a thing. My darling boss also feels Mary might come out and say this is Robert Jr.’s dastardly doppelganger, Evíl Robért Jr. from France.

All About the Tea via Instagram

Either way, it doesn’t look great for Mary, her son, or his wife. Jesus might be having a busy weekend. Stay tuned.

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