Reasons Why Southern Charm’s Shep and Taylor Could Still Work Out

Taylor Ann Green
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green first started dating back in 2020, and whether their love blossomed due to the pandemic or not, the couple seemed to be stuck with one another, at least through multiple lockdowns. The duo were oil and water, with Shep very clearly being stuck in his ways and Taylor just trying to clean up the playboy’s messes. Sadly, Shep couldn’t keep it in his pants, and the couple broke up in August 2022. 

The newest season shows Shep and Taylor trying to navigate their friend circle as a broken-up couple. Most would argue that you really shouldn’t be friends with an ex, but these two are trying to make it work, including attending the same parties and having puppy playdates. 

Taylor Still Has Feelings for Shep

Taylor Ann Green/Instagram

A blind cat could figure out that Taylor still very much has feelings for her old beau even though he is a walking contradiction. The newest season of Southern Charm has shown Taylor really lose her cool almost every time she is around her ex. The amount of passion/hatred gives off the inclination that Taylor’s feelings still run deep for the silver spoon-fed Shep. I think Taylor still only has eyes for her ex.

Multiple other guys have tried to hit on her, including newbie JT Thomas. Yet, Taylor seems to be wearing blinders to anyone who shows any romantic interest. This is an excellent sign that the couple could get back together if Shep also started wearing his rose-colored glasses. If the two can get past their issues, there could be a possible reconciliation. 

Shep Sticks up for Taylor

Shep Rose/Instagram

Taylor will clearly hold a special place in Shep’s heart. When the world came crashing down on Taylor after friends turned on her for sending a nude selfie, Shep was the one trying to rally the troops in support of the blonde. While speaking to Us Weekly during BravoCon 2023, Shep revealed, “I brought her into this world of reality TV. I took her to places geographically that she’d never been before. I’m so proud and happy that I was able to do that, and it gave me a lot of joy, and she gave me a lot of joy.”

The 43-year-old went as far as to claim that the break up was like “throwing someone into the deep end or a fast-moving river. And I think she had trouble finding a raft, and things got worse and worse. I’ve really felt for her, and I’ll still stick up for her any old time.” Shep also recently stood up for Taylor, asking Whitney Sudler Smith to be patient with their friend. It’s not exactly knight-in-shining armor material, but it is a big step forward for Shep. 

Shep Still Wants To Be Friends

Shep Rose/Instagram

It’s a bit hard to tell if Taylor could ever get over Shep’s cheating past, but if she could move past her jealousy, I think they still have a rock-solid friendship that would help them rebuild their romance. The former couple would have to work through a lot, including Taylor embarrassing herself in front of their friends and claiming that Shep treated his parents terribly during the reunion. However, Shep shared in the recent season that he wanted to stay friends with Taylor even if it was selfish. 

Kissing Bandit Strikes Again

Taylor Ann Green/Instagram

Episode 9 showed Shep and Taylor sharing the same bed. Viewers were already stunned, but it was even more shocking to hear Shep call his ex the “kissing bandit.” The two looked cozy with their wall of pillows in between them, but it was clear there was still some sexual tension. 

If the two Bravo stars wanted to give their relationship another shot, a lot would have to change. Taylor couldn’t call out Shep, and even though it is a double standard, it is how the South works. Shep would honestly have to buckle down and walk the walk. He has often spoken about wanting to settle and have his family but makes no effort to do so. With an immense amount of counseling, there is the slightest chance that the two could have their happily ever after.