Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 9 Recap: Strange Bedfellows

Olivia Flowers
Photo by: Bravo via YouTube

The newest episode of Southern Charm highlights Olivia Flowers’ healing journey, which sadly has to include her coming to grips with the fact that her best friend, Taylor Ann Green, hooked up with Austen Kroll. Again, I ask, who in their right mind thinks Austen is a prize? But I digress. Shep Rose’s weekend of debauchery is well underway, which includes a nice afternoon of fishing. However, Olivia and Taylor decided to crash the mountain retreat with tensions running high after a ping pong game went wrong. Here’s everything that went down in Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 9: “Strange Bedfellows.”

Best friends or frenemies?

Taylor Ann Green
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Naturally, both Olivia and Taylor are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of meeting up, but they are both brave and plunged into the cold, murky waters of their questionable friendship. Lake James, NC, seems pristine, even tranquil, but Taylor is still fighting her flirty demons as she skirts around the reasons why Olivia is mad at her with her parents. She shares with her parents that she “just hopes we can fix this divide in our friendship and move forward.” But we doubt Olivia will be so forgiving. 

Robin, Olivia’s mother, also seems to have some wise words for her daughter, sharing she has every right to be upset with the situation. After sharing that she was hesitant to go up to the lake house, noting she finds herself “angry and really, really mad,” revealing she doesn’t have “the emotional capacity to function.” We don’t blame you, Olivia. The charmer notes, “Part of me thinks that going to the lake might be good for us. Maybe I’ll get some answers on what the hell I’m supposed to do with this friendship.” Famous last words. At some point, Olivia is going to have to see Taylor for who she is – not a girl’s girl. At least not right now, and move on from this toxic friendship. 

The hearty party boys

Rod Razavi
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The guys, on the other hand, are recovering from their epic night and bra-gate conversation out at the Linville estate. I now know exactly why Shep Rose is single, and let me tell you, it is definitely because he drinks milk out of the container whilst in his 1990s boxers burping; he is a real charmer. JT Thomas is trying his best to put a spin on the prior evening, noting it was a night filled with lively chat and cocktails. Indeed, the conversation was flowing, joking about the elephant in the room and “male fellowship.” 

Even though JT may have caused a disturbance in the force by trying to call out Austen, all is forgiven, and the men forge on. Rod Razavi has not woken up on the right side of the bed, sharing he feels like he has been slapped in the face after hearing Austen throw Olivia under the bust again. It seems bra-gate is not very supportive when it comes to Rod’s feelings. Thank God for JT noting he doesn’t believe a word that Austen says, settling Rod down a bit just in time for bacon and eggs. 

Ping pong chaos

Shep Rose
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JT delivers the comic relief this week as the boys try their hand at fly fishing. The creek gets the best of the guys, especially JT, who falls down and gets the rapids right up “in his hindside,” aka his butthole. Nothing some whiskey/wine tasting can’t cure. Bless JT for still having to wear his waders – he’s our mini Grizzly Adams.

Panning back to Olivia and Taylor, fans could see that the conversation did not go well. Taylor does offer an apology for lying about kissing the Trop Hop owner, and pinky promises Olivia she and Austen didn’t have sex, noting it “would be easier” if they did. Uh, what? Olivia accepts the apology but still stands by her belief that there was a hookup. The conversation came to an end with Olivia revealing she wasn’t sure if the friendship could be salvaged, adding she doesn’t feel comfortable staying at the God-fearing lake house. 

The last night at the guy’s cabin is so boring that production has the cast put on tin foil hats and listen to Craig Conover and his wild conspiracy theories. I pray he is joking, but I’m not actually sure. The night comes to a close with Shep losing a game of ping pong to JT and his fragile ego cracking. Shep is tormenting everyone, with Taylor snapping back, asking, “Did you enjoy cheating on me?” To which Shep responds, “I mean, sometimes it was fun.” Lord, Jesus, take the wheel from these sinners! 

Southern Charm Season 9 airs Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo