Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
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Dean McDermott Says Candy Spelling Doesn’t Help Daughter Tori Financially

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling was having a tough year. First, her husband, Dean McDermott, announced in June that they were splitting. Then he deleted his Instagram post.

Tori and her five kids had to move out of their rental home because it had toxic mold. They were seen staying in an RV and at a budget motel. Tori’s fabulously wealthy mother, Candy Spelling, reportedly tried to find a house for Tori and her grandkids. But Tori refused to move in. Candy also allegedly paid the rent on Tori’s mold-filled rental home.

Dean is setting the record straight about Candy Spelling

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
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Dean told Daily Mail that Candy, who is worth over $600 million, does not give Tori any financial help. Or her five grandchildren.

“It’s your daughter. It’s your flesh and blood and it’s your grandbabies,” Dean said. “And for someone who is so blessed to have so much, it would be really nice for her to share with her daughter.”

Dean, who just completed a stint in rehab, supposedly told Tori’s mother that he didn’t “want any” of her money. Instead, Dean asked Candy to “reach out and help your daughter and your son, Randy [Spelling], who is a beautiful guy, he’s such an amazing man.”

Dean added of Tori and her brother, “These are wonderful kids. These are both wonderful kids that came from privilege and deserve to be happy and to share in that, in my opinion,” he added. I agree with Dean about something. That is terrifying.

Tori received an inheritance of $800,000 from her father, producer Aaron Spelling, after his death. Meanwhile, Candy received hundreds of millions of dollars after her husband passed away.

“It was a financial pressure for us because we were starting out in our relationship and neither one of us brought a lot to the table. But with that said, Tori wasn’t expecting anything,” Dean stated. “She’s always looked at it as it’s her father’s money and he can do with it as he wishes,” he added.

Dean admitted that he and Candy hadn’t spent much time together over the years. “It is unfortunate she never tried to get to know me. It wasn’t for lack of an effort on my part,” Dean said. “She just didn’t want to know and brushed off everything I tried to do.”

This entire saga is confusing. Perhaps Candy will speak out and share her side of the story.