Why Tori Spelling Is Perfect for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Photo by River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images

Anybody who is anybody wants to be a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. I mean, don’t these women have it all? With fun nightly outings, a glam squad, and enough money to charter a Below Deck vacation twice over, it is fun being a housewife. So it isn’t surprising when I hear that some A-List Hollywood stars want to join the franchise. Bravo has already convinced Denise Richards and Kathy Hilton to appear holding a diamond. So why not Beverly Hills 90210’s very own Tori Spelling?

Tori has shown interest in Bravo

Right before the New Year, Tori revealed that she would like for Bravo to reach out to her about a spot on the show. It could be the perfect time since the network has been doing a massive cleanout. Crystal Kung Minkoff and Annemarie Wiley were not asked back. But while on ReWives with Bethenny Frankel, the child actress revealed that Andy Cohen wasn’t so keen on the idea. For years, there has been speculation that Tori would appear in the series, but her friend Jennie Garth was offered the position instead.

Tori noted, “When Jennie said, ‘Oh yeah, they offered it to me one year,’ I was like, ‘OK.’ I don’t have any ego at all, and I’ve been beaten down for years, but I’ve got to say, I was kind of an OG Beverly Hills girl.” Tori isn’t wrong in her assessment since she grew up in the Holmby Hills. With Andy seemingly poo-pooing the idea, I think he made a big mistake. 

Tori is a reality TV pro

 The Beverly Hills actress is no stranger to partaking in reality TV. Fans might recall that she once starred in ​​Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood with her ex-husband, Dean McDermott. I’m not ashamed to say I watched this show, which aired on Oxygen, for their intense fights. For full disclosure, it was pretty entertaining. The series followed around Tori and her second husband as they made the move back to Tinsletown. The whole point was for the couple to find a property for their B&B, which was being funded by her $800,000 inheritance. Tori was funny and made to be in front of the camera. 

She has appeared on other reality TV shows, too, including Million Dollar Listing, The Masked Singer, and Messyness. Tori was the first person from the 90210 cast to perform on the singing show. While dressed as a unicorn, Tori noted she wanted fans to see a different side of her. And while she wasn’t the best singer, the appearance took guts, making me think she could handle the women of Bravo. 

Tori has strong friendship ties

It isn’t an understatement to claim that Tori is friendly with almost everyone who has been or is currently on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards and Tori have run in the same circles thanks to their acting. At one point, it was believed that Kyle would bring Tori in as her friend. Kathy Hilton and Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling, are both well-known in their Beverly Hills neighborhood. Even the queen of RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump, is her personal friend. 

Tori is a huge fan and has often stated that she watches all the franchises. This could be a great tool to have under her belt because she would understand the history. Even though Tori believes she might be too nice for the likes of Erika Jayne and the others I kind of think she would fit right in. She probably would bond extremely well with Sutton Stracke since both are a bit kooky. 

Tori is easygoing

Okay, hear me out. Compared to the rest of the women who are, at times, high anxiety, Tori is a walk in the park. With the actress, there are fewer red flags. She is raising five children and is just trying to move on from her divorce. This is the kind of storyline fans want to see: an underdog narrative. I don’t think Tori would be bothered for one second if Bravo cameras were in her face, catching every moment. I’d also like to hear more about her messy divorce; since Kyle isn’t sharing, Tori is the next best thing!