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Jen Shah Rebrands as Fitness Guru ‘Jen Fonda’ in Prison

By all accounts, Jen Shah is doing great in prison. Since leaving Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for the penitentiary in Texas, Jenny from the Cell Block has been keeping busy while doing her time.

Luckily Jen isn’t the only familiar name on the prison yard. Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of fraud and conspiracy so she has a lot in common with the RHOSLC alum. The ladies have decided just because you’re in jail, you can’t let your figure go. And guess what, Jen has rebranded herself whilst incarcerated. All I can say is friends, meet Jen Fonda – your Stalag Aerobics Instructor. Page Six has the details.

Jen Fonda Workout

Who knew Elizabeth would get so lucky to be stationed at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas after misleading people about testing blood? Liz will be spending about 11 years at the facility and Jen will be leaving her behind in 2028. Until then, calories won’t get the best of these ladies thanks to Jen’s new persona.

Instead of running a multi-level marketing scheme to defraud the elderly, Jen is now running exercise classes in jail. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Additionally, Jen is offering make-up tutorials with items purchased from the high-end section of the prison commissary.

The Jen Fonda workout class is a 30 to 60-minute ab grind Jen calls “Shah-mazing,” so says her publicist. Included in the grueling session are cardio blasts and ab flexors, quite a departure from rollerblading in a rented chalet. Publicist Chris Giovanni said, “She created it in prison. It started off as something she was doing to improve her fitness.” Hopefully, none of the participants have to fork over their social security number first.

The evolution of Jen

Chris added, “As she went in, she lost a good amount of weight. She developed the Shah-mazing abs class. … All the ladies started coming up to her on the yard and they would do workout segments.” Sounds like Jen has made a lot of friends!

“Elizabeth [Holmes] attended with other inmates, and it’s become a thing in there. Jen Fonda, that’s her nickname in there,” he continued. When Jen isn’t helping her inmate buddies stay in fighting shape, she’s jotting down details of her staycation. “She reads to pass time, she spends most of her time journaling. She has over 90-something pages of her experience. She’s doing what she can [to] pass time,” the publicist shared.

Jen also continues her spiritual journey in her effort to help others. “She gets up, she prays, she works in a library and then she mentors the other inmates on her downtime who are trying to get their GED. The ladies have developed a good relationship.”

Stay tuned for the VHS release of Jen Fonda’s workout, coming to a VCR near you.

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