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Monica Garcia Admitted She Was ‘Obsessed’ With Heather Gay’s Beauty Lab Before ‘Botched’ Lawsuit

Monica Garcia came in like a lion and she’s going out like … a lion. It’s the only thing to do when your entire cast is mad and you have the seat next to Big Daddy at the reunion.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie certainly made an interesting first impression. Viewers only knew her as a former assistant to Jen Shah, however, Monica was also aware of Heather Gay before joining the show. Currently, Heather’s business is being sued by Monica for an alleged “botched” procedure, but Monica might have forgotten about her prior satisfaction with Beauty Lab + Laser. Now BLL shows the proof and The U.S. Sun has the scoop.

Happy customer

Photo Credit: Salt Lake City County Court

Like many women, Monica takes preventative care measures on her face. Some feel aging is a sin and showing actual signs of age is even worse. Being a previous customer of Heather’s med spa, Monica also left an alleged unpaid balance.

Beauty Lab + Laser sued the RHOSLC star because they wanted their $2k in payment. Instead of fulfilling the debt, Monica filed a countersuit claiming BLL messed her face up. Unfortunately for Mon, BLL has a collection of screenshots where Monica communicated with her aesthetician and raved over the work.

Photo Credit: Salt Lake City County Court

BLL submitted around ten pics of Monica having a convo with her favorite Botox injector and she didn’t complain once. Thus, on November 17 Beauty Lab filed a motion for summary judgment. Basically, they want to speed up their own case and throw Monica’s out the window.

Beauty Lab stated in legal docs that Monica did the least in trying to provide evidence showing the services rendered were “defective or negligent” or that Monica went elsewhere to “fix the damage.”

The photos of Monica messaging with a Beauty Lab employee were over a six-month period between December 2019 and May 2020. They took place via Instagram messaging and detailed Monica’s apparent satisfaction with her results, despite the “botched” lawsuit she filed.

One message from Monica read, “I mean… So good,” and she attached a photo of her face. Another note shared the same happy sentiment when she wrote, “OB-SESSED!! You’re amaze.” Welp, that’ll do it.

Monica has requested more time from the courts to produce her “evidence” but responses by both parties are due December 1. This is your daily reminder to not text folks you think you might sue in the future.

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