Winter House Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Bye Bye Schwartzy

Winter House Season 3, Episode 6 Recap
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Gather ‘round the fire; it’s time to dive into another brand-new episode of Winter House!

Last week, things finally got steamy between Katie and Tom after weeks of watching them crush. When Tom finally tangled tongues with the Below Deck yachtie, he immediately went into a doom spiral over the fact that his showmance shares a first and middle name with his ex-wife. What will Katie Maloney think when she sees this?

Meanwhile, an already full house house got even fuller with the arrivals of Jason and Aesha. On top of that, the gang hosted a Wild West party and basically invited the entire population of Steamboat Springs to come whoop it up at the Winter House.

This week picked up where we left off at the Wild West party with a concerningly high number of people packed in the house chugging Loverboys. We said goodbye to Schwartzy as he ventured back to the land of Vanderpump Rules to film the Season 10 reunion. But, before he left, he had some unfinished business with Katie. Here’s what went down on Winter House Season 3, Episode 6, appropriately titled “Say My Name, Say My Name.”

Call her by her name

Ever since laying eyes on her, Schwartz has been hung up over the fact that Katie’s name is … well, Katie. They made out, but Tom felt scared to take it further. So, at this point, Katie is fed up. If they have chemistry, why let her name get in the way of it?

During the party, Katie vented to Jason about how she felt tired of hearing Tom talk about her name. She doesn’t want him to call her Floody anymore, and it seems like what started as a funny little tidbit has escalated into something super annoying for her.

“My name’s Katie, what the f*ck do you want me to do about that? I’m not your f*cking ex-wife,” Katie vented to Jason.

It’s kind of a relief that Schwartz is leaving Winter House early because otherwise, we’d have to endure even more of this back-and-forth about the Katies. With Schwartz leaving, we’re all getting put out of our misery from having to deal with this storyline.

You get a kiss, and you get a kiss!

Alex Propson Winter House Season 3 cast photo
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There was something in the water (or maybe in the liquor) that had everyone buzzing during the Wild West party. Everyone was making out, if not more.

Brian made out with some random girl. Rhylee made out with some random guy that looked like Fabio who turned out to be 17 years younger than her. Then, some random girl named Hannah made a move on Malia! Malia kissed the lady but then broke the news that she wasn’t actually into girls like that. She said she just “likes to have fun.”

Of course, Alex and Danielle snuck away for a little bit of mid-party X-rated fun. Was it worth it? No; because when Danielle and Alex rejoined the shindig, her paranoia started playing tricks on her again. We’ll get to that in a bit.

The biggest hookup of the night, and the one we’ve all been waiting for, happened between Tom and Katie. After hours of back-and-forth over her name, they snuck away into the bathroom for, what they described as “PG-13” fun.

Unfortunately for Tom and Katie, their bathroom romp got interrupted by Aesha who came flying into the bathroom to pee. That’s what bathrooms are for, after all.

Danielle’s jealousy strikes again

Danielle Olivera Winter House Season 3 cast photo
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During the Wild West party, Danielle and Alex snuck away to do the deed, but when they came back to the party, Danielle went right back into the jealous state of mind that got to her last week.

With dozens and dozens of people at the event, of course, Alex is going to have a conversation with one of the women. He’s a flirt, what do you expect? This time, though, he was innocent!

Danielle thought she saw him flirting with a girl. In actuality, it was the girl who kissed Malia, and she was trying to get Alex’s help on how to seal the deal with her (even though she already told her no). This girl was into girls — not Alex. But, Danielle was seeing green as soon as she saw Alex breathing the same air as another girl.

Danielle went to her roommates looking for her roommates so she could vent. She was like, ‘We just had sex 20 minutes ago and now he’s up here talking to another woman!”

When it’s said like that, Danielle’s argument sounds pretty convincing. She managed to get a few of the other housemates riled up about Alex’s behavior, too. Amanda was having a hard time wrapping her head around it, which just made Danielle even more pissed.

Danielle is fresh from a breakup and wanted to have some no-strings-attached fun during her time on Winter House. With every episode, it becomes clear that just isn’t something that’s possible for her. If she’s going to go into a jealous rampage every time Alex looks at another girl, this is probably not a good arrangement for her mental health. Let’s see if she figures that out by the end of the season.

The post-party hangover

The morning after the Wild West party, Aesha got out of the Winter House with the quickness. She said it didn’t take long for the house to possess her, and she was ready to get back to her normal life.

It kind of sucks to see Aesha go so quickly. She was featured in the Season 3 trailer and had several confessional interviews, so it seemed like she was planning on staying for a bit. But, one day in the Winter House was enough for her. She got the hell out of dodge.

The rest of the roommates dressed up in onesies, courtesy of Jordan. They ate and talked about her celibacy journey, but then proceeded to gossip about all of the hookups from the night before. They celebrated each other’s conquests and make-outs from the party. Brian said he was excited to get some recognition after getting curved by all of the ladies in the cast.

Then, Kory had the bright idea to make everyone play flag football in the snow for that day’s activity. The day after a wild, drunken party, the last thing anyone wants to do is play flag football. But, this is Winter House, so everyone mustered up the energy to do it, except for Casey who decided to sunbathe instead. She’s smart.

During the flag football game, Kyle and his mullet pulled Alex aside to talk about the Danielle situation. Her Alex-induced drama has had a trickle-down effect on the whole house, so Kyle wanted to talk to him, bro to bro.

Alex reiterated to Kyle that he just came to Winter House to have fun, not get involved in a serious situation. He said that his normal tendency in this situation would be to withdraw from Danielle. But, that’s hard to do when you’re living in a house together and partying nonstop with reality TV cameras rolling. Ultimately, he said he’s going to try to tread lightly. We’ll see how that goes.

Peace out, Tom

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Whether or not Tom is coming back Winter House is up in the air. Originally, it sounded like he was leaving for good (which would explain why Jason randomly showed up). However, in this episode, Tom said that he plans on coming back to Winter House after taping the VPR reunion. Katie wasn’t buying it.

In her confessional interviews, Katie said that she was worried that Tom wouldn’t actually come back. She thinks he’ll get sucked into the VPR drama and be too scared to return to Colorado to his new Katie.

Before Tom departed, he finally called Katie by her name. It was a simple gesture, but it gave some closure to this storyline. Who knew a five-letter name could cause so many feelings?

Aesha and Tom might be gone, but the party must go on. Winter House continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.