Kyle Richards
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What Are Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s Christmas Plans?

Kyle Richards knows what her Christmas plans are.

She shared with The Messenger that she and Mauricio Umansky will be “for sure” spending Christmas together just five months after announcing their split.

Kyle shared the news at the recent DirecTV Christmas event hosted by her sister, Kathy Hilton, to help raise donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. She said that she and Mo would be spending the holidays in their home in Aspen.

Kyle and Mauricio are navigating the Christmas holidays post-split

And Christmas won’t be the first holiday that Kyle shares with Mo. The two also spent Thanksgiving together.

“You know, we live under the same roof, and we’ve never been a couple that fights,” Kyle explained. “If you ask my kids, they’ve never seen a fight between us ever. We had our close couple of friends there. And, you know, it was sort of just a normal Thanksgiving, actually.”

As for how she and Mo are doing, Kyle says they are in the same place, they just happen to be living under the same roof.

“It’s certainly not a position I ever imagined myself to be in,” she admitted. “After being married all these years.” She and Mo tied the knot 27 years ago and share four daughters: Farrah, 35, Alexia, 27, Sophia, 23, and Portia, 15.

The family that stays together

As for if there’s any chance for reconciliation, Kyle said they are just taking things “one day at a time right now.”

But despite everything, they still enjoy time together as a family. They went on a vacation with their daughters amidst the split and have even had movie nights with their girls. 

“I’m so grateful that we’re as good of friends as we are,” Kyle said of her and Mo. “So we can navigate this difficult time the way we are.”

While news of their separation has been everywhere, fans will get to see a more intimate look in the show’s latest season as the cameras were rolling during the hard times. 

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