Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 Recap: Breakups and Breakdowns

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 recap
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Welcome to the Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 recap!  In this week’s episode, “Paradise is Falling Apart,” who will survive the Most Shocking Rose Ceremony of the season? Blake and Jess were one of the first couples on the beach, but did Blake’s ex, Katie, blow up their relationship when she visited last week? Find out tonight on BIP Season 9, Episode 9!

Blake and Jess face the truth

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 recap
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Blake and Jess have been together since the first day of Paradise. But while they’re waiting for the Rose Ceremony to start, Blake asks Jess, “Do you wanna go chat?” They head off to one of the day beds on the beach for a private talk.

Katie’s visit the day before has caused Blake to think about some things. “I feel like we’re not getting there,” he tells her. “We’re going in circles … I like you a lot, but … I feel like I’m here ‘playing Paradise,” in a way.”

“We had such a great start,” he continues. “Everything’s pointing to, as much as we want this to work, it’s not going to. Are we just waiting for the end?”

“I thought at this point I’d be hopelessly in love,” Jess agrees. “I thought things would look differently … and I kept trying to figure out what was missing. Like, it shouldn’t be this hard.”

As much as they care for each other, they agree that they’re not “in love,” and Blake decides that he needs to leave. It’s very sad, but they just aren’t meant to be. He’s just not your person, Jess.

OMG. How much do you love that little bird they keep showing between scenes. “Eek eek!” I Googled it, and I think he’s a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. So adorable!

Mercedes is over Tyler

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 recap
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Mercedes needs to have an uncomfortable conversation of her own. Though her relationship with Tyler started off great, when Wells read a note from the Paradise Truth Box, her feelings changed. “Tyler,” Wells read, “everyone knows you’re not that into Mercedes. You’d better come clean, ’cause she deserves the truth.” Ouch.

“That Truth Box really came at me,” Mercedes says.

“My only concern,” she tells Tyler, “is the whole long distance thing.” That’s your only concern, Mercedes? She’s also doubting Tyler’s intentions. There’s no depth to their relationship. She doesn’t feel wanted or pursued by him. That’s not a great way to start out.

Tyler admits he’s been trying to find a spark with Mercedes but just hasn’t been able to find it. “The last rose that I gave you,” he says, “was for me to figure out if that spark was going to come at some point. There’s no answer as to when that comes.”

The problem is that she thinks they should have a spark right away, but Tyler thinks it can grow. I agree with Tyler. I didn’t even like my husband when I first met him, but he wooed me with flowers and chocolates and yes, a turkey pesto sandwich one day when I was starving. Sometimes love grows from nothing.

But Mercedes thinks Tyler “played” her. She feels he wasn’t honest with her and thinks she deserves better. When Mercedes tells him he won’t be getting her rose tonight, Tyler decides to go. It was fun while it lasted.

Jess could still have a chance at love

Jess is torn. Part of her wants to go home, but then she thinks maybe she should stick it out and see if there’s anyone else she might have overlooked. And that’s when Brayden comes and asks if she wants to talk.

Brayden heard Jess say she wants a guy who’ll bring her a box of chocolates, so he brought her a tiny box of chocolates. They’ve probably melted in the heat, but it’s still a sweet gesture.

But then Tanner confesses that Jess is the one person he was interested in when he came to Paradise. He wanted to get to know her, but she was “locked in” with Blake – until tonight. Now is his chance to make a move. Jess is chatting with Taylor, but Tanner interrupts to ask if he can talk to her.

Jess has never been so popular in her life. Surely she’s enjoying her newfound desirability since Blake left. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she has a free rose to give away, would it?

“Jess, you’re such a good person,” Tanner begins. Even though he gave his last rose to Rachel, he’s realized that what they have is really just friendship and not anything romantic. But now that Jess and Blake broke up, he’s hopeful that they can get to know each other better.

Fortunately, Jess admits that she does want to get to know Tanner. She just feels “so weird” right now.

“I will just say that maybe you being open is enough for me to want to stay here,” he says.

In a confessional, he tells us, “At this point, I’m all in on Jess. Anything can happen in Paradise.” We shall see.

The Rose Ceremony

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 9 recap
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tonight there are eight women handing out roses and only nine men left. One man will go home.

First up, Eliza gives her rose to Aaron, of course. Kat gives hers to John Henry, Kylee gives hers to Aven, Olivia gives her rose to Michael and Sam gives hers to Peter.

Who will Jess give her rose to? She’d better give it to Brayden. He gave her chocolate! She announces the name “Tanner,” and Taylor starts walking forward with a big smile on his face.

“Oh, no, sorry,” Jess says. “I said Tanner.” How embarrassing.

Now it’s Mercedes’ turn. Who will she choose? She picks Jordan. Jesse’s gotta do the thing he gets paid to do and jumps back in front of the cameras. “Gentlemen, the final rose tonight. Rachel?”

Suddenly, Rachel says she needs a moment and leaves the palapa, as Jesse and a cameraman dash to follow her.

“Everything okay?” Jesse asks. “Talk to me. What’s going on?”

Rachel bursts into tears and says she needs to go home. It’s just her time to go. Jesse gives her a big hug, and they say goodbye.

“Since Rachel left,” Jesse tells us, “her rose is therefore forfeited.” Goodbye, Brayden and Taylor.

Who will leave together? Who will get engaged? And which couple will be married? I know Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are already married, but maybe ABC offered them a romantic wedding on the beach in Mexico. My money’s on them. We’ll see.

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale airs December 7 at 8/7c on ABC.