Kody Brown’s Seduction Techniques Need Work

Kody Brown
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Sister Wives fans are trying not to look directly at the screen as Kody Brown attempts to win Janelle Brown back due to the material just being too cringey. The two arguably had one of the most solid of the four marriages, as their love was not fake. But Janelle finally realized she deserves a knight in shining armor, and not a loser in aluminum.

It has become painfully obvious that Kody sees himself as some modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac with the ability to whisper sweet nothings into his lovers’ ears. However, this is not the case, with Kody Brown’s seduction techniques making him look more like a creep trying to gain favor. 

Kody Is Confused About Reconciliation

Kody Brown

During a recent episode, Kody pondered the age-old question—was it worth the effort to try and get back together with his second wife? Janelle has made herself loud and clear, telling Kody multiple times, “I don’t know what your relationship with Robyn and Meri is, but I’m just not interested in being involved with those people.” Yet Kody continues to try to seduce Janelle with the lure of plural marriage. However, the concept has changed too much for the mother of six to recognize it.

What Kody should be doing is putting Janelle first and mending their fractured union. Instead, he still hasn’t learned from his past mistakes, as he spends almost all his time with Robyn and ignoring Janelle. Kody lamented on the couch, saying, “I asked Janelle once, ‘What is it? Why can’t we reconcile? Let’s try and reconcile. Why can’t we?'”

Because you’re a loser, Kody, a big loser. 

Gaslighting Isn’t the New Way To Flirt


Both Kody and Janelle have accused each other of trying to gaslight one another after their blow-up fight, where Janelle used a few choice words. Instead of wooing Janelle back as a normal partner would do, the father of 18 chose to double down, telling cameras it was sad to see how Janelle has “unwound” over time, claiming, “I can’t get the puzzle pieces back together. But I’m gonna ask her again next week if we might be able to reconcile. And it’s painful every time. Maybe I should get more serious about it, but every time, it’s like, ‘Nope.'” 

Kody needs to really step up and make an effort if he is serious about winning Janelle back. Instead of playing the victim card, Kody could have taken control, actually called not only Janelle but their shared children, and smoothed their issues over. With less tension, it was quite possible that Kody and Janelle could have gotten back to a good place.

Alas, Kody was just a terrible Romeo. 

Kody Uses Too Many Excuses About Love

Sister Wives
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Kody isn’t being a love ninja as he tries to navigate his way back to Janelle, and the blonde is noticing. Instead of leaving love notes or sending flowers to Janelle as an apology, he has often doubled down on why he was choosing to act the way he was. It all became too much for Janelle, who shared in a confessional that she felt that he was blackmailing her into having to have a good relationship with the rest of his wives.

“It feels like something he’s trying to use to excuse his behavior,” Janelle said. “Why would I want to get back together with you? It’s your fault. You’ll be a bad sister wife. I have to protect Robyn.’ Because he doesn’t have a relationship with Meri.”

If Kody could have just curtailed his favoritism, he could have really had a chance of putting his family back together. 

Kody Forgets Special Dates


Janelle isn’t the only wife Kody has flaked on in a major way. A recent episode showed Kody pulling the worst mistake a husband can make—forgetting his wedding anniversary. After 32 years of being husband and wife, you would think the guy would figure out the right date. This is rule number one when it comes to seduction—make your wife feel important. Meri shared that, this past few years, Kody has clarified that getting together has “been more obligatory than anything else.” Yikes, talk about a lack of romance. 

Instead of Kody planning a romantic date, which would have surely ended up with them having a steamy night if he so wished, Meri had to be brave and make the first move, calling her husband up and hoping he would agree to dinner. No amount of Meri’s famous Rice-Krispies treats was going to turn Kody into Prince Charming.