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RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow ‘Could Have Been Trafficked’ During Las Vegas Visit

Lisa Barlow is one of the stand-out stars of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. That said, we might not have LB if things had taken a nasty turn in her college years. While Lisa’s son Jack chose to do Missionary work instead of more school, all of the talk about higher education must have triggered some memories.

She already knows there are scary things out in the wild and it comes from personal experience. LB detailed a sketchy experience in Sin City during her time at university and shared it with Interview Magazine.

Not the Russians!

Lisa gives off an air of knowing it all (except for the location of her lost ring) on RHOSLC, but it took a while to get there. Life puts us through trials and tribulations to make us who we are and Lisa is no different.

According to Baby Gorgeous, she came out of the womb a full adult. “I was so grown up. I was born a grown-up,” she began. She might have been fully developmentally formed by the time she hit Brigham Young University, but it was the weekend trips to Vegas that gave her a formal education.

“I became kind of a second mom in our house. I mothered my three younger sisters until I left. But my 20s were amazing. I went to school in Utah. Vegas was on the weekends,” Lisa shared. Don’t get it twisted, Lisa was as pure as the snow on a hard-to-get mountain top but her friends had some situations going on.

One of Lisa’s buddies worked for “very wealthy men” and things could have gone sour real quick. “My friend worked for this guy that had the most elite car collection, so he would say, ‘Bring this Mercedes down for me,’ and we’re driving a 500 SL to Vegas for the weekend,” she explained.

Trouble in New York?

She added, ”Then I ended up coming back to New York and it was like, Limelight, Palladium, all of that stuff.” My goodness, that sounds like no place for a nice Mormon girl.

“Me and my friend Nicole, I’m surprised we didn’t get trafficked,” Lisa noted. “We were literally at a hotel outside the World Trade Center. And these guys were like, ‘Get in our car.’ They had a stretch limo back in the ’90s, and then he started driving the opposite way and we’re like, ‘No, we’re going to Blue Note,’ and they’re going the other way. I’m mouthy, so I was like, ‘That’s not where Blue Note is, we’re not going the right way.’ They literally had to call the police to remove them. It was a bunch of Russian guys.”

This could have been an extremely unpleasant situation. Not only for Lisa but for the Russian business people who were now trapped in a car listening to her debate on whether or not she was about to enter a new lifestyle.

Thankfully law enforcement intervened and all turned out well. Hopefully, Jack learns from his wise mother and stays away from anyone with elite car collections in Bogotá.

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