Why Sutton Stracke’s ‘Name ‘Em’ Moment Is Instantly Iconic

Sutton Stracke RHOBH
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Sutton Stracke‘s trajectory on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is unlike any other. The Bravo star joined the beloved franchise in Season 10 as a “friend of” and was promoted to a full-time cast member the following season.

Unlike her friend, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton wasn’t an immediate fan favorite. In fact, fans kind of hated her. She got a villain edit in Season 10 and the Southern Belle received criticism for how she handled drama on the show. However, Sutton is proof that no one’s reputation is written in stone. She has done a complete 180 in the last couple of years and has become one of the most loved housewives in franchise. She even has a fandom. They call themselves “Sluttons.”

Sutton didn’t change her behavior between her time as a villain and a hero; fans simply softened to her quirky personality. She’s still over-the-top, dramatic, and at times downright rude but that’s why we love her.

The socialite has had no shortage of iconic moments on the show, and that seems to be continuing in Season 13. In the November 15 episode, titled “Hellevator,” the 52-year-old delivered a meme-worthy moment during a fight with Kyle Richards.

Here’s what you need to know about the fight and why fans are calling this Sutton moment “iconic.”

Sutton Tells Kyle to ‘Name ‘Em’


In the episode, Kyle and Sutton sat down to discuss Sutton’s…unexpected reaction to the Magic Mike dancers in Vegas. After Kyle said Sutton has a habit of “losing her sh*t in ridiculous circumstances,” In her iconic southern accent, Sutton asked her co-star to “name ’em.” Kyle tried to offer examples but Sutton kept interjecting, saying “name ’em” over and over again. The moment seemed to resonate with fans who took to social media to share their thoughts on Sutton’s funny moment.

“Sutton asking Kyle to “name ‘em” is so funny and iconic,” @zchrytodd wrote on X.

“NAME EM! NAME EM! I love Sutton,” X user, @domogotthachopa, wrote.

The moment instantly became a meme with social media users applying Sutton’s “name ’em” line to various situations.

Why Did the Moment Go Viral?


Sutton seems to have a talent for going viral, so it’s no surprise her “name ’em” moment made the rounds. The moment perfectly encapsulated what we love about the RHOBH star. She confidently asked Kyle to name other moments when she had lost her cool and unfortunately, it wasn’t hard to find examples. From the “ugly leather pants” drama to her anxiety-fueled meltdown in Lake Tahoe, Sutton really does have a flair for the dramatic.

But it wasn’t just the strange behavior itself that made Sutton’s “name ’em” tirade so memorable. It was her stunning lack of self-awareness that made the moment truly legendary.

Not to mention that the scene presented a perfect meme format. One social media user shared a video of Sutton saying “name ’em” on TikTok, alongside the caption, “When someone tries to tell me there are good men out there.” LOL.

Another user shared the video with the caption, “When my boss says some of my co-workers have complained about me having a negative attitude towards work.” The scene can be applied to so many different situations, which is why it went viral so fast.

Sutton’s ‘Name ‘Em’ Moment Sparked Controversy

(Sutton Stracke/Instagram)

Another reason the moment went so viral was because it was controversial. While many fans found the scene hilarious, others were annoyed that Sutton kept interrupting Kyle.

“Sutton is dramatic! Sutton is annoying,” one fan wrote on Reddit after the episode aired. “She plays the victim and never genuinely seems apologetic for her actions,” another user replied. “Also the way she treats her assistant is [cringe] – although it seems satirical at times.”

Some fans on the RHOBH subreddit defended Sutton, stating that her over-the-top personality makes her perfect for the show. “Sutton is 100% necessary whether you like her personality or not. She is wacky and unhinged and every franchise needs at least one of them lol,” a third user wrote.

“To each their own. I love Sutton,” a fourth user chimed in. “I might not agree with everything she does and says but I like her.”

Sutton is a polarizing figure on RHOBH, which is probably why she creates so much discussion online. Love her or hate her, she gets people talking.